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The OPDL Spotlight Series - Oakville SC

By OSA News, 06/06/16, 5:45PM EDT


The Oakville Soccer Club entered the Ontario Player Development League for the 2016 season.

As an OSA Gold Standard recipient, OSC continues its commitment to excellence with the entrance of its Boys and Girls U-13 teams into the OPDL. Led by a tremendous Technical Department and Coaching staff, their teams are set up for success this season. 

Why is it important for your club to be part of the OPDL?

The Oakville Soccer Club recognizes the importance of being part of the Ontario Player Development League for many reasons. With OPDL being a part of Long Term Player Development (LTPD) and the Talented Pathway, it not only focuses on players but also on coaches, officials, support staff and administrators. As the first High Performance based league in Ontario, it exposes players and coaches to the highest standards of excellence set by the OSA. That standard encourages coaches to continue their personal development through the Provincial and National governing body. Players are also exposed to Provincial Staff Coaches and High Performance Coaches for identification.

What achievement(s) in OPDL are you most proud of?

I believe that being a new License holder is an achievement in itself. OSC worked extremely hard to ensure we met all requirements set out by the OSA and educated parents and players through information session and communications  on the benefits of being part of OPDL. From the initial application to then receiving the great news, putting coaching staff in place, selecting teams and finally playing in the first game of the season - these are all achievements that OSC and I are proud of. We look forward to being part of OPDL for years to come.

Share a story of a difference maker within your OPDL program.

Our coaches (Szabi Bozsoky and Ian McLoughlin) are difference makers for us at OSC. It is important to the us that our players are given the best possible coaching. The minimum requirements to coach at the U13 age group was set as Provincial B. I had identified coaches within the Club and felt it only right to place National License coaches with these players. Both coaches are striving to complete their A License and by being exposed to a High Performance environment their experience will be used to help develop up and coming coaches within OSC.  

What impact has the OPDL program made on your club overall?

Being new to the OPDL, a true impact has yet to be seen. It is important that in our first year where no scores and standings are kept that our players and coaching staff leave a lasting impression based on their level of play, discipline and attitude so that OSC youth players want to be a part of the Club's OPDL programs moving forward. We also want to ensure that when we have the opportunity to host U8-U12 festival days when OPDL teams are also playing at home so we can encourage our younger players to support these teams.

What is something people should know about your OPDL program specifically?

It is important for people to know that OSC is fully committed to LTPD and supporting the OSA in exceeding all minimum requirements for OPDL. The Oakville Soccer Club wants to give their OPDL players the best facilities to train in and coaching staff that not only care about results, but are development driven. OSC is trying to create a sense of community, where younger players can come out and support our teams and have role models to look up to. 

Contributor: Chris Grierson – Senior Technical Director, Oakville Soccer Club

Chris Grierson began with OSC over 10 years ago as a volunteer after moving to Canada from Scotland.

Now the Senior Technical Director, he is thrilled to be a part of this exciting time as OSC has just begun its inaugural season with the OPDL at the U13 age group.

Grierson's favourite part of OPDL so far was seeing the teams play their first game at home at the Pine Glen Soccer Centre.