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The OPDL Spotlight Series - The Fee Assistance Program

By OSA News, 07/19/16, 5:30PM EDT


The OPDL Fee Assistance Program is a grant for those players who are in need of financial support. This grant is available to eligible players registered with OPDL License Holders and listed on the main roster of an OPDL team for the current year.

In 2016, the OSA awarded 104 grants that were distributed to players in need in the OPDL. Grants are allocated on a per needs basis, with no more than three grants allocated to each team. 

What are the criteria?

In order for a player to be eligible to receive the OPDL grant, they must follow all of the following requirements. 

a) Demonstrable financial need, as verified by License Holder Official
b) Exceptional development potential, as assessed by Technical Director
c) Dedication to the sport of soccer and high performance training

Once a financial assessment is complete, the player undergoes a technical assessment, in which the License Holder’s Technical Director highlights key attributes of the player in the four corners that make him/her a talented player (Technical/Tactical, Psychological (Mental), Physical, Social/Environmental).

The final stage of the application process is the player commitment section where a brief summary, outlining the commitment exhibited by the player and family to soccer within the License Holder historically or the OPDL environment to date, is provided.

If you have further questions about the OPDL Fee Assistance program, please contact Gabe Assis.