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The OPDL Spotlight Series - North Toronto Soccer Club

By OSA News, 07/26/16, 5:30PM EDT


North Toronto Soccer Club (NTSC) has been a franchisee of OPDL since the inaugural season of 2014. OPDL has helped create a pathway for players in their Club to now include recreational, competitive and high performance – a true community Club encompassing all avenues for players to achieve their potential. NTSC ihas a great staff of 38 technical staff, and four administrators working together to achieve a fun, safe learning environment.

Why is it important for your club to be part of OPDL? 

OPDL is the highest standard of player development in Ontario. It should be everybody’s ambition to be the best you can be. As a community organisation it is our ambition to provide somewhere for everyone to play and OPDL allows that. Players strive to achieve their best, Clubs should match that and give them the support to achieve their goals. OPDL is just one part of a player pathway but so important for players of all ages to be part of a Canadian pathway.

What achievement(s) in OPDL are you most proud of? 

Watching players step up and commit to training and a style of play with a drive to reach Provincial and National teams is impressive. Moving from two to six teams is a great achievement by the entire Club but the impact it has made from U-4 to League1 is something we could not have foreseen.

Share a story of a difference maker within your OPDL program 

For OPDL to be a success there isn’t a difference maker, there are many of them. Players have stepped up, parents have got on board and supported both Club and players, and staff have been fantastic. What more can you ask for from inside the Club?

What impact has the OPDL program made on your club overall? 

OPDL has helped raise the standard of all programs across the Club and given the players a focal point and pathway to achieve their goals of Provincial and National representation. Through raised standards NTSC is now providing a scholarship program to continue our mission in aiding players achieve their goals.

What is something people should know about your OPDL program specifically?

The NTSC program provides a fun, safe, learning environment for players from U4 to League1. Our highly qualified and invested staff work tirelessly to develop players in all four corners. The introduction of video analysis and a scholarship program in conjunction with League1 in partnership with the University of Toronto shows the Club’s intent to continue pressing forward in providing the best environment for player development.

Contributor - John Hyland 

John has been the NTSC Technical Director since 2011 and was involved in the introduction of OPDL to NTSC. He is a National B License holder with an MSc in Sport and Exercise Science.

John puts his education and work experience to ensuring a player centred environment in which players can realise their potential. John’s favourite OPDL moment was seeing NTSC players representing their Province. The program is working.