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OPDL Trials To Begin Sept. 1

By OSA News, 08/30/16, 5:15PM EDT


Effective Sept. 1, OPDL License Holders will begin to host trials for players born in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004 on both genders. 

As a standard based league, the OPDL has also established standards and guidelines for OPDL License Holders similar to standards applied on Game Day, Operations and Technical aspects of the league. The Trial Process includes two different formats, “Open Trials” and “Invitation Only Trials.” These are designed to effectually identify as well as promote a responsible and progressive evaluation and assessment process for players. 

Click here for more on the OPDL Trial Guidelines

Open Trials 

An “Open Trial” is for players who desire an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to participate within an OPDL License Holder and is of the appropriate age for registration and gender for the team’s designation. No more than 35 players are allowed at each “Open Trial” to provide for a more responsible evaluation process. 

Players must have the opportunity to attend a minimum of three “Open Trials” before a final decision is made. A player may attend more than one open trial simultaneously with different OPDL License Holders.

Invitation Only Trial

An “Invitation Only Trial” involves the interested OPDL License Holder contacting and asking for only specific players to return for further trials. Players shall not undertake more than one “Invitation Only Trial” at a time and may attend a new “Invitation Only Trial” once an existing “Invitation Only Trial” has been completed. Players may attend a different “Invitation Only Trial” once the organizers of the existing trial have been informed in writing that the player wishes to terminate that trial.

2016/2017 OPDL Trial Process

For the 2016/2017 OPDL Trial Process, players not currently in the OPDL will have several opportunities to be evaluated between September 1st, 2016 and April 31st, 2017.
OPDL Players are not eligible to participate in Trials between December 1st and January 15th due to their designated resting period. 

The OPDL has detailed the Trial Process and provided specific guidelines, focussed on improving player identification and enhance player experience. All details are available on the 2016 OPDL Trial Guidelines.

The OPDL understands that trials are an essential part of the Talented Pathway and an important moment for players, parents and License Holders. Along with important technical aspects, communication and respect are crucial for continued improvement of this process and can reduce stress and frustration usually associated with trials. 

Trials must be seen as an opportunity to “shine” and where players and parents can get familiar with a new environment, understanding its challenges but also recognizing its benefits.