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The OPDL Spotlight Series - A West Ottawa Player's Perspective

By OSA News, 09/06/16, 5:00PM EDT


The OPDL Spotlight series has heard from Technical leaders, sport scientists and other experts in their field who are involved in the OPDL.

In the latest edition of the series, we are hearing again from another voice under the OPDL banner.

Shannon Phee is a U-15 OPDL player with West Ottawa Soccer Club.  She tells us in her own words how the program has impacted her development and the club's growth.

What Impact Has OPDL Had On Your Club?

OPDL has had a huge impact on the West Ottawa Soccer Club. Without OPDL there wouldn't be enough good competition in Ottawa for the top players. In order to improve, you need the best competition which is what OPDL has done for the few teams in Ottawa. I’m so glad that I have had the opportunity to play against the top teams in Ontario and I’m sure many of my teammates would agree. Also being an under-ager in OPDL and being able to play against people not only a year older than me, but bigger, stronger, and quicker, pushes me to be being bigger, stronger, and quicker which is what will take me, my teammates, and my club to the next level.

What Makes Your Club’s OPDL Program Standout?

I’d say the thing that separates my club from most is that West Ottawa is very committed to the process and provides everyone in the OPDL program with everything necessary to reach their highest potential. We have an amazing coaching staff and I can easily say that my coach is a huge part of my team’s success so far this season. All of West Ottawa’s OPDL teams have the privilege of one fitness session a week, as well as an hour of mental skills every week because mental focus plays a huge part in soccer and is necessary to be a successful soccer player.

Why is OPDL Important To Your Club?

OPDL is extremely important to my club and the players who wish to carry their soccer career into their future and get the opportunity to play at the national level. It gives the club a great reputation because it shows that the OPDL teams at West Ottawa are within the top teams in Ontario. Without OPDL it would be next to impossible for the top players to get identified for the provincial and national teams, especially for the top West Ottawa players considering we’re amongst the few teams in Ottawa. OPDL gives me and my teammates that have goals to go far in soccer a sense that our dreams aren’t that far off, and could hopefully be a reality if we continue to work hard and improve as players.

What Are You Most Proud of During Your Time in OPDL?

I’ve been a part of OPDL since the inaugural season in 2014 so I’ve gotten the chance to see OPDL grow and improve in the past three years and experience the positive vibe OPDL has created for my team. I have lots to be proud of between my personal improvement and not only my team’s accomplishments, but my club’s, considering how far West Ottawa has come since year one of OPDL. What I am most proud of would have to be the atmosphere OPDL has created for my own club. OPDL brought together a bunch of young, talented soccer players with big dreams and bright futures who love the game and can’t wait to get on the pitch with their team despite the time and weather.

OPDL In 5 Words:

Competitive, Fun, Intense, Challenging, Teamwork

Contributor Bio - Shannon Phee

Shannon Phee is a U-15 OPDL player who has been playing organized soccer since she was five-years-old, and competitively since she was eight. She wears her favourite #7 and calls Liverpool her favourite team. Her favourite all time player is Steven Gerard, although her current favourite player is Phillipe Coutinho. Her favourite soccer memory is last season's big game against West Ottawa’s cross-town rivals. There was a real buzz about the game leading up to the big weekend and it actually drew quite a big crowd which made it even more exciting for Shannon.