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Brain Health Moment: Sharing Concussion Education And Resources

By OSA News, 10/28/16, 4:45PM EDT


While the outdoor soccer season may be winding down, there is no off-season for concussion education.

That is why you will be hearing more from us at Holland Bloorview’s concussion centre with regular articles in the OSA Update newsletter, in addition to awareness campaigns and community events in the upcoming indoor and outdoor seasons. Together with the OSA, our goal is to align every player, coach, trainer and parent with the knowledge and resources they need to help kids get back to life, school and sport after a concussion. 

Many people don’t know what to do, who to talk to or when it’s safe to go back to school or sport after getting a concussion. We have a variety of resources that can help answer those questions, such as our Concussion & You handbook and education program. You can also access resources on the new Holland Bloorview section on the OSA website. Additionally, the OSA Concussion News section page is where you’ll find updates about the concussion strategy we’re collaborating on to help kids and youth with concussions get back to what they need, want and love to do. 

For interested families, we are excited to offer our comprehensive baseline testing and early care program. Our baseline test is delivered by trained professionals and records a player’s brain health by testing areas of the brain and body often affected by a concussion, such as verbal and visual memory, reaction time, processing speed, strength, agility and balance. If you get a concussion, our physicians use the results, combined with expert clinical opinion and input from players and families on their healing experience, to make even more informed decisions about returning to play and recovery. 

Holland Bloorview is Canada’s largest children’s rehabilitation hospital and a world leader in youth concussion care, education and research. Our concussion centre is one of the first in the world focused exclusively on pediatric concussion, and our clinicians are specifically trained in pediatric brain injury. Further, our rehabilitation services and educational programs are supported by research. We have many ongoing research studies to help us learn more about concussion in children and youth and improve our care. 

Working with the OSA means kids, along with their parents, coaches and trainers, are equipped with the leading concussion research, education and care. We’re your partners in brain health. 

Please visit the Holland Bloorivew site for more information about Holland Bloorview’s concussion centre.

Written by: Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital’s concussion centre