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Enter Your Team In This Year’s Ontario Cup

By OSA News, 03/10/15, 2:30PM EDT


The 2015 Ontario Cup Entry Form is now available on the OSA website. The process is the same as last year and the same as this past Ontario Indoor Cup and Ontario Futsal Cup.

A team will go online to the Ontario Cup section of the OSA website and click on "Ontario Cup Entry".

The Entry Rules page will come up and there is a link to the Entry Form at the bottom of the Entry Rules page.

After clicking on the Entry Form button, the Entry Form will come up and the team would go through the process of completing the form.

After submitting the Form, an e-mail receipt will be sent back to the team contact as verification that the Entry Form was submitted. Ontario Cup staff will then review the Form and mark it as pending, which will then send an e-mail to the Club.

The e-mail to the Club will request the Club to send an approval e-mail to its District Association. At this point, the person in each District that will be the Ontario Cup Form Approver will login in to The Ontario Soccer Association's website, access the Ontario Cup District Report from the Approver's district and either mark them approved or declined.

Once a team has been approved and payment has been received, the Ontario Cup Staff will send an e-mail to the team contact letting them know the team is accepted into the Ontario Cup.

An e-mail will be sent to the Ontario Cup Form Approvers with the link to the District Report. If you have questions, please contact Robyn McComb.