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Coaching Professional Development Points Program

By OSA News, 02/23/15, 11:30AM EST


The Ontario Soccer Association (OSA) will now be implementing a "Coaching Professional Development Point Program" (CPDPP) which will track the continual development of coach education for all of our soccer coaches across the province.

The Ontario Soccer Association will implement a series of coaching forums, conferences and educational sessions purposely to provide coaches with points to assist with their goal to achieve the level required to stay up to date and current with The OSA’s coaching development and education curriculum.

This point system will specifically focus on coaches who currently possess the following:

Possess a Provincial B Licence Certification (must be certified after January 2010) Must acquire a total of 18 points to in order to obtain certification upon certification expiry.

The Coach Professional Development Point Program:

CPDPP System is as follows: Coaches have 5 years from the date of their issued B Licence to the date of the expiry date of their B Licence to obtain the required 18 points to maintain their B Licence Certification. The OSA will track these points, but are working closely to ensure these points eventually be placed on NCCP’s The Locker.

Type of Course Value of Points
1 - B Licence Re-Certification Course * 8 points
2 - Attending Day 1 of Soccer Development Conference* 3 points
3 - Attending Day 2 of Soccer Development Conference* 3 points
4 - Facilitation (MLF and LF) Training* 3 points
5 - Pre B, C Licence, B Licence, CHC & TD Workshops full attendance* 3 points
6 - NCCP Approved Courses. Points depending on the type and length of course TBD
7 - OSA Special/Other Events (events to be determined and decided by Coaching Dept) TBD


*Coaches can only attend one Re-Certification course in the 5-year span of receiving their B Licence.

*If coaches attend one day one of the SDC then they are to meet with the assigned tracking staff (OSA Staff or assigned LF/MLF) to stamp their card to assure they receive points for that day.

*If coaches attend one day two of the SDC then they are to meet with the assigned tracking staff (OSA Staff or assigned LF/MLF) to stamp their card to assure they receive points for that day.

*If coaches are a registered LF/MLF with the OSA and attend our annual training, they will automatically receive 2 points for attending the workshop.

*If the OSA hosts Pre B, B Licence, B Licence, CHC/TD Workshops, then coaches are able to collect 2 points while attending that day.

Program Notes:

Coaches will be notified upon registration and also on the OSA website and course registration that this will be a Coach Development Points Program “CPDPP” Course. This will have a logo & acronym attached to the event so coaches can identify the opportunity to collect points.

Each event will be marketed with the points provided to the coaches once the course/event has been completed. These points will be signed off by an OSA Staff Member and/or an assigned LF/MLF on-site to ensure the coaches receive their points.

The OSA will manage a database tracking coach activity years and B Licence expirations. The collection of points will also be added to this database.

CPDPP courses/events will then be planned using information from this database. Coaches will also be given a two-part paper that will be signed off twice by the LF/MLF assigned to the CDP course. One copy will go to the OSA and the other will go to the coach. This process will be similar to the Pre B and B Licence 3-part assessment form.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the OSA Coaching Development office at (905) 264-9390 (X243) or Kathleen McCarthy.