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OSA Looking For New Crop Of Learning Facilitators

By OSA News, 08/04/15, 11:00AM EDT


Update - Application for this year's Learning Faciliators is now closed

The OSA Coaching Development Department is continuously looking for experienced and passionate leaders with progressive approaches who can help shape the new pathway for players and coaches.

Furthermore, the OSA's current learning facilitators hold a tremendously important role in implementing the delivery of the current NCCP Community Coaching Workshops by adhearing to the Long Term Player Development (LTPD) pathway.

They take on the responsibility for training, assessing and developing coaches who are looking to enhance their own individual experience and qualifications through formal certification programs.

The following selection criteria will be considered an asset to those applying for LF positions with the Ontario Soccer Association's Coaching Development Department:

NEW – 2015/2016 Application Requirements:

  • Minimum successful Pre B Assessment (Coaches must have taken the Pre B Assessment course and passed the assessment)
  • If applicants have Provincial B and/or National B Certifications, they must be up-to-date as of 2015 and have not expired
  • Mandatory attendance for all selected Learning Facilitators at the 2016 OSA Soccer Summit
  • Applicants cannot be affiliated with an OPDL/League 1 position due to scheduling
  • Must have Respect in Soccer completed
  • Must achieve a minimum of 80% on the Laws of the Game exam
  • Must complete the Game Leader Program
  • Must complete the Making Head Way (NCCP)
  • Since on-field practical components are an integral component of the LTPD Community Coaching Courses, it will be required that the LF can physically execute these sessions in an effective and efficient physical manner31
  • A one-page resume pertaining to the applicants soccer experience
  • Previous learning facilitator experience is considered an asset

Please note:

The LF training will take place through a 'Soccer for Life' course in the fall. Selected LFs will have the choice of attending one of three locations for their LF training and are required to attend all three days of the course training. Locations are still to be determined.

The application form can be found under the 'LF and MLFs' page on The Ontario Soccer Association's website.

Please note that LF appointments are for a 10-month period (October-July) and candidates must re-apply annually. Those interested should keep in mind that the OSA Certification programs generally run from early January to late June and primarily on weekends.

If you have questions, please contact Matthew Kassabian