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Save Up To 70% On C License With Quest For Gold Funding

By OSA News, 02/29/16, 10:45AM EST


Quest for Gold (Q4G) is funded from net revenues generated by the Quest for Gold lottery. Q4G provides education-based subsidies for competitive to high-performance coaches, including those at the high school, academy, college and university levels. 

The Quest for Gold initiative is also instrumental in delivering financial assistance to Provincial Sport Organizations for coach-related costs. The Q4G program aims to ensure that Ontario’s developmental and high-performance athletes receive the best coaching possible, by providing a series of enhancement programs and resources for coaches and Provincial Sport Organizations. 

Bursary Program – How it Works

How Much Will I Receive? 

Up to a maximum of $400 per application will be available to cover up to 70% of course registration fees to a maximum of $800 per individual in the fiscal year.

Who is Eligible?

Bursaries can be applied to Q4G eligible sports, such as soccer, that have a coaching course/workshop in either the NCCP Competition: Introduction Sport-Specific stream and/or the NCCP Competition: Development Multi-Sport & Sport-Specific stream. This means that coaches taking the Provincial C Licence Course will be eligible.

Terms and Conditions

  • Coaches must pay their own course fee. Course fees paid in advance of the workshop by the club, league, sport association, etc., are not eligible for coach bursary.
  • If your course requires an evaluation, you do not need to wait until that evaluation is complete to submit your final report. The Coach Bursary only concerns the classroom time associated with the course.
  • Coaches must be Ontario residents in order to apply.

Important ‘steps’ for April 1 2015-March 31, 2016 fiscal year funds

1. Enroll in course
2. Submit application at this link for review no later than 60 days after course completion to the Coaches Association of Ontario (CAO), and must be received before March 31, 2016.
3. Wait to receive email acknowledgment of application status. If you have not received approval or decline confirmation within 4 business days please email

Approved Applications

4. Read the email notification. Review how to submit the final report, proof of payment and proof of completion.
5. Attend entire course
6. Submit final report which must include proof of payment and course completion. Must be submitted to the CAO no later than 90 days from the course end date or March 31, 2016 whichever comes first.

For questions regarding eligibility, please don’t hesitate to contact Matthew Kassabian in the Coaching Development Department or the CAO at 1-888-NCCP-ONT.

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