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Big Names Attend Latest ART Session

By OSA News, 09/11/14, 9:30AM EDT


The OSA referee department recently conducted the fourth Advanced Referee Training (ART) on Aug. 16-17.

Referees Joe Fletcher and Marie-Soleil Beaudoin along with three special guests from out of province were in attendance for this session, held at the KIA Training Ground.

The OSA ART Steering Group was successful on composing an engaging agenda that combined practical training with great lectures by current FIFA officials.

Fletcher, FIFA Assistant Referee, recent returned from the World Cup in Brazil shared his experience with all ART participants.

He highlighted the preparation for the event the technical training he had to go through in Brazil and the experience of officiating three games at the highest level. FIFA Referee Beaudoin provided ART referees with information regarding nutrition and how it can impact ability to perform as a match official and the consequences of good and bad nutrition plans.

And as the ART program continues to strive to provide participants with exchange opportunities, the program invited match officials Simon Gomez from Nova Scotia and Kara Honthumb and Kevin Suares from USA to take part on a full ART weekend. They participated on every session, sharing their input and perspectives. This enhanced the experience for all ART referees as well as provided new learning opportunities for the whole group.