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27 Officials Join Regional List After Completing Upgrade Program

By OSA News, 12/05/14, 9:15AM EST


The OSA is proud to announce that 27 Match Officials have successfully completed the 2014 Regional Upgrade Program and will now be included in the Regional List of Officials.

Participants have undergone intensive training during the 2014 season, that included continue education, fitness training, on field assessments and theoretical evaluations.

The OSA congratulates them on their dedication and hard work that got them to today.

Along with the 2014 season, officials had the opportunity to work in some of the top competitions in the province, including League1 Ontario, OUA, OCAA, OSL, Ontario Cup, Ontario Summer Games and OPDL.

The success of the 2014 Regional Upgrade Program has also inspired more district officials to upgrade and the 2015 Regional Upgrade Program has received a record of 50 applications.

The 50 candidates have already started their training on Nov. 15 and 16 when the OSA held the first OSA Upgrade Weekend on four locations across Ontario.

At the of the 2015 program, participants are expected to have spent at least 24 hours in class, eight hours on practical sessions, 10+ hours on Online Education and officiated at least 30 high level games.

Here are the officials who join the Regional List:

Alexander Levesque (DRSA) 
Dieter Schmidtlein (EODSA) 
Joe Ibrahim (EODSA) 
John St. Laurent O’Connor (EODSA) 
Kader Ligue (EODSA) 
Souhail Abdala (EODSA) 
Walid Barakat (EODSA) 
Caralie Wielinga (EMSA) 
Ermal Murataj (EMSA) 
Foroud Rasti (EMSA) 
Gabe Pizzuti (EMSA) 
John Morgan Pizzuti (EMSA) 
Joey Filipic (EMSA) 
Frankie Domagala (NSA) 
Jonathan Bradnam (NSA) 
Cyrus Eshafi (NYSA) 
Adam Kanji (PHSA) 
Glen Alexander (PHSA) 
Herbert Matis (PHSA) 
Lucas Pamatat (PHSA) 
Melissa Snedden (PHSA) 
Keith Yuen (PHSA) 
Kendra Uliana (SWRSA) 
Reza Mir Miri (SWRSA) 
Dan McClintock (TSA) 
Filip Dujic (TSA) 
Jan Zak (TSA)