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12 Officials Upgraded To Provincial Level

By OSA News, 11/03/15, 8:45AM EST


The OSA Match Officials Development Department would like to congratulate the following Match Officials on their successful upgrade to the Provincial level.

This took years of development, education, travel, assessments and commitment on the part of the official, with the support of their District and the OSA.

The OSA Match Officials Development Department looks forward to working with them in the 2016 season.

Match Official  District
Vyacheslav Kulesh DRSA 
Joshua Smith EODSA
Jason Vaillancourt EMSA
Patrick Vinette EODSA
John Vlahos NYSA
John O'Hara HDSA
Mohamed Mohamed TSA
Derrick Farwell SWRSA
Kevin C. Read EODSA
Mario Simon SOSA
Adam Devenyi  DRSA
Johnny Latino TSA