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27 Match Officials Assigned To Ontario Summer Games

By OSA News, 08/02/16, 8:15AM EDT


The Match Officials for the Ontario Summer Games in Mississauga have been announced and the province is seeing the results of a robust Match Officials Development program. 

Twenty-seven officials from Ontario, including 18 from the OPDL program, will be in action from Aug. 11 to Aug. 14 as athletes from Ontario will compete against their fellow provincial athletes. 

The Match Officials Development program continually reinforces the development of Ontario officials through the use of mentors, scouts, assessors and OSA staff. 

The Games provide athletes and officials with development and competitive opportunities that will prepare them for national and international sports competitions. It also provides communities, volunteers and everyone a chance to celebrate sport in Ontario.

Click here to learn more about the Ontario Summer Games 

Match Officials List for Ontario Summer Games

Name District 
Ethan Bray ECOSA (OPDL)
Joey Bray ECOSA (OPDL)
Devon Bray ECOSA (OPDL)
Eddie Moran EODSA
Victor Ogbechi EODSA
Donia Torabi  EODSA
Kevin Kim HamDSA (OPDL)
Najib Selmi HamDSA
Kaitlyn Bergsma  HDSA (OPDL)
Twayne Anderson NYSA (OPDL)
Stefan Dusciuc  NYSA (OPDL)
Brian Lee NYSA (OPDL)
Farzan Mirzazadeh NYSA (OPDL)
Ben Cameron PHSA (OPDL)
Navin Raizada PHSA (OPDL)
Stephen Szulc PHSA (OPDL)
Jacob Williams PHSA (OPDL)
Philip Benevides SOSA
Peter Trainor  SRSA
Blake DeLuca SWRSA
Nicholas Morrell SWRSA (OPDL)
Nava Rajabi  SWRSA (OPDL)
Savio Lima Rodrigues TSA
Daniel Boduryan  YRSA (OPDL)
Natalie Ford YRSA
John Ross Scarcelli YRSA (OPDL)
Nick Vagenas  YRSA (OPDL)