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Heat Advisory Warning

By Staff, 06/18/24, 9:30AM EDT


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Environment Canada says a heat wave descending on parts of Ontario this week is expected to bring dangerously high temperatures.

The weather agency has issued a heat warning starting Monday for an area that spans London to Ottawa, stretching up to Sault Ste. Marie and as far north as Fort Albany.

Temperatures in the Greater Toronto Area and Ottawa could feel as hot as 45 C with the humidity. Regions further north are also forecast to see humidex values that could feel like the low to mid 40s.

The agency notes the health risks associated with heat illness are greater for older adults, infants and young children and other vulnerable groups.

It warns hot, humid air can also worsen air quality.

League Administrators have the right to cancel games. For games that are played in hot weather:

During very hot weather when games are not cancelled, Match Officials will confer with Coaches and Team Officials before the start of the game in regards to providing water-breaks, or consider shortening the time played if both coaches agree to do so.

During games, Match Officials are encouraged to incorporate a water-break during injury stoppages, penalty kicks, goal kicks, and other appropriate stoppages, etc., to address this concern of ensuring the health and safety of our athletes and our match officials.

For further information, please review the Reducing Risk Guidelines here: