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Interview with Cody Royle, Coach of Head Coaches

By Staff, 12/27/23, 9:15AM EST


The full podcast is now available to watch or listen on the Ontario Soccer YouTube Channel.

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Ontario Soccer is proud to present a new podcast episode, featuring the Coach of Head Coaches, Cody Royle.

Since his days as Head Coach of the Australian Football League (AFL)'s Team Canada, Cody has gone on to write three renowned books on Coaching and leadership: "Where Others Won't," "The Tough Stuff," and "Second Set of Eyes" - which was released just a few weeks ago.

Nowadays, Cody works with over a dozen Head Coaches from countries all over the world, helping each of them reach their fullest potential by engaging in more self-care and reflection, fine-tuning their Coaching skills, and discovering their greatest competitive edge. His tips and tactics are useful for Coaches at all levels, from the grassroots to the pros.

Scroll down to watch our full interview with Cody Royle on the Ontario Soccer YouTube Channel.

To listen on-the-go, check out the the audio-only podcast, available here.






Check out Cody Royle's Grassroots Webinar, "How to Accelerate Your Coaching Performance."

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