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Last Minute Goal Wins Georgetown MilkUP Ontario Cup

By Staff, 09/17/23, 1:15PM EDT


Georgetown Mustangs defeat Windsor Caboto 4-3 to win the 2023 Boys U16 District MilkUP Ontario Cup.

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In Saturday’s final match at the Ontario Soccer Centre, Georgetown Mustangs won the 2023 MilkUP Ontario Cup after winning 4-3 over Windsor Caboto in the Boys U16 District Final. 

The first goal was scored in the 18th minute by Nicholas Taylor in a great offensive play by Georgetown. Taylor passed to Carson Fisher, then cut hard to the net and sunk a high corner shot. 

Georgetown had another chance to score in the 35th minute when Keltrick Amanatey tore down the pitch and took his shot, but Windsor’s Keller Inglis successfully protected the net. 

In the 49th minute, Fisher drove past a Windsor defender and shot the ball straight into the bottom corner, scoring a second goal for Georgetown. 

Windsor’s Noah Catalona responded to that less than a minute later with a similar play, driving the ball into the bottom corner and putting his team on the scoreboard. They almost tied the score in the 54th minute when Anthony Beloulis sent a cross to Bolade Fawehinmi, who headed the ball slightly over the crossbar. 

Georgetown’s Owen Tumber strengthened his team’s lead in the 58th minute when he scored a free kick from 25 yards out. 

David Csiki scored for Windsor in the 64th minute, bringing the score to 3-2, and Fawehinmi officially evened out the score with a goal in the 69th minute. 

It would seem that the match would end in a draw, but the game winning goal was scored in the 96th minute by Georgetown’s Amanatey, who chased down a throw in sent into the box and squeezed in a loose ball past two defenders and the goalkeeper, securing the 2023 MilkUP Ontario Cup for Georgetown. 

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highlight of the match

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Championship Photo

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