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Supernova Triumphs in Hard Fought Battle for MilkUP Ontario Cup

By Staff, 09/09/23, 2:45PM EDT


Mississauga Supernova FC Black Elite defeat Glen Shields FC 5-2 to win the 2023 Girls U15 MilkUP Ontario Cup.

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Saturday’s second match in the 2023 MilkUP Ontario Cup Finals had spectators on the edge of their seats as Mississauga Supernova FC Black Elite and Glen Shields FC took the stage at the Ontario Soccer Centre for the U15 Girls title. 

It was a high-octane match from start to finish, with Mississauga opening the scoring in the 3rd minute of play. A corner kick made its way to Ciara Robillard which she readily put into the net from just outside the six-yard box. 

Glen Shields responded in the 16th minute with a goal from Victoria Pimenta, who drove by a Mississauga defender for a left-footed kick to the bottom corner. 

This retaliation got Mississauga even more fired up. The next goal came from Sofia Raco in the 23rd minute, who saw her opportunity after a high-arching header from an opposing player.  

Just before half, Glen Shields used added time to even out the score. A beautiful pass from Carina Raducu gave Victoria Pimenta a chance to score her second. 

In the final 45 minutes, Mississauga continued to rack up goals while Glen Shields struggled to land another shot. Raco managed a hat trick with a goal in the 53rd minute – thanks to an assist from Maja Cenanovic – and another in the 77th. Petra Bandula also scored for Mississauga with a quick shot from the corner of the six-yard box in the 66th minute. 

Both teams fought hard until the end, with some incredible saves and valiant scoring attempts. With 17 total shots compared to Glen Shields’ 11, Mississauga’s offense gave them the edge they needed to take the victory. 

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