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Canada Soccer hosts the FIFA Coach Educator Development Pathway Project

By staff, 11/02/22, 9:00AM EDT


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Canada Soccer recently hosted the FIFA Coach Educator Development Pathway Project in Montréal, Québec.

The program trains coach developers who have been working through online asynchronous and synchronous training since August 2022.

This third component which takes place this week features seven coach educator developers and 18 coach educators from across the country being mentored by two FIFA Coach Education experts in a live in-person setting.

The five-day practical training includes both classroom and field sessions focused on helping coach educators understand various strategies to help coaches be more effective working with the players they coach.

Matt Ferreira, Manager of Coach Education, Player Development & Club Licensing at Ontario Soccer was a part of the FIFA Coach Educator Development Pathway Project.

Matt Ferreira, Manager of Coach Education, Player Development & Club Licensing; Ontario Soccer:

After several weeks of online modes of learning, the opportunity to connect in-person with fellow colleagues from across the country for the first time since the pandemic was absolutely invaluable. We were able to reflect on how we deliver coach education to our members and ways to enhance what we already do. 

The program also presented a unique opportunity to showcase the quality of the people and Coach Education programs across Canada directly to FIFA and CONCACAF staff. This will serve as a starting point for future initiatives and continued growth as Canada looks to meet standards on the international stage of football.

The importance of coach education improves the soccer environment across the nation. It ensures that coaches can create healthy physical, psychological, and social-emotional learning environments for players in practice, games, travel to competitions, and other team spaces.

Canada Soccer is responsible for the development of curriculum and licence streams for coaches from grassroots to professional and National Team environments.