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Congratulations to the Canadian Olympic Women’s Soccer team for winning Gold

By Staff, 08/06/21, 11:00AM EDT


A message from the Ontario Soccer President/ Chair of Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer to Team Canada, the players and our membership on this historic day

Play. Inspire. Unite. 

This morning was a historic moment for soccer in Canada.

The Canadian Women’s National Team has won a Gold Medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, defeating Sweden in penalties 1-1 (3-2).   

It was 1904 when Canada last won a Gold Medal in soccer at the Summer Olympics (Galt F.C. Men), so it would be hard to overstate the momentous nature of this accomplishment. History has been made.

First, congratulations to Team Canada and Canada Soccer. You have inspired a nation of young women and athletes who will now grow up with the vision of Canadian soccer players standing atop the Olympic podium. “You need to see it to be it” is a phrase we often use when discussing the development of young women in soccer. Today’s accomplishment shall leave an enormous legacy for future generations to come.

Second, congratulations to the 12 Ontario players (Kadeisha Buchanan, Allysha Chapman, Jessie Fleming, Vanessa Gilles, Ashley Lawrence, Adriana Leon, Nichelle Prince, Quinn, Jayde Riviere, Deanna Rose, Kailen Sheridan, Shelina Zadorsky) who were part of the squad and all the member organizations – Districts, Clubs and Academies – who had a significant hand in their development.

Accomplishments such as this are not achieved by one person but a community of people who help lift up athletes so that they can reach their dreams. Coaches, Match Officials, Administrators and Volunteers all play a part in our national team having success on the global stage. Team Ontario has played a big role in this Gold medal.

Third and finally, congratulations and thank you to all the soccer parents across Ontario.  Your tireless work – from the grassroots to the Olympic podium – is what ensures our young women and athletes have a bright future in soccer.

This last year has been the most challenging one on record for our sport. Many in our community have made great sacrifices to keep soccer moving in Ontario.

So, this summer, as we continue to Pitch In and Play ON!, let’s keep this historic victory top of mind – both as a reminder of what we’re working towards and what we can accomplish as a community when we come together.

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