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Ontario Soccer kicks off Pride Month with pledge of inclusivity

By Staff, 06/01/21, 9:30AM EDT


The largest Provincial Sport body in Canada is championing for vital change in our soccer community

Play. Inspire. Unite.

Ontario Soccer is embracing inclusivity as a priority core organizational value. 

As Ontario Soccer strives for a more inclusive game, the organization also recognizes that diversity is a great strength - one that we must uphold by keeping it at the centre of every decision we make.

For our friends in the LGBTQ+ Community, Ontario Soccer is pledging to move towards a more inclusive soccer experience.

“We have learned a great deal from the community we are celebrating, and we will forge ahead inspired by the same bravery, resolve, and peaceful change we have seen from this group,” said Peter Augruso, President and Chair, Ontario Soccer Board of Directors. “Ontario Soccer will move forward with courage and determination, working to address any prejudices that are present in our programs, and services. We all play a part in making soccer a place that is open to everyone and we will continue to promote these values.”

Today, Ontario Soccer is making a pledge to our community, including our friends in the LGBTQ+ Community, to embrace inclusivity and diversity, while championing for vital change.

Ontario Soccer commits to:

  1. Make a conscious decision to pursue the process of change, to better reflect our organization’s core values;
  2. Be more inclusive in our outreach and leadership;
  3. Reflect our diverse community on the pitch, in the office and in the boardroom;
  4. Review and update various Governance documents and procedures to be more inclusive and respectful.

“Ontario Soccer would like to thank Sandra Riberdy, Ontario Soccer’s Diversity Officer and the Anti-Racism Access and Equity Committee for their work in this area,” said Johnny Misley, Ontario Soccer Chief Executive Officer. “Their leadership is helping to educate and inform us on the ways that we can build a better soccer community in Ontario.”

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