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Four new webinars for Registered Match Officials

By Staff, 01/14/21, 5:45PM EST


Match Officials will have the opportunity to attend a webinar a week for the next month

Play. Inspire. Unite. 

Ontario Soccer is helping Match Officials get ready for the 2021 season. 

In order to assist registered Match Officials, Ontario Soccer will build on the success of this week's webinar and host four more webinars over the next month. 

Each webinar will deal with a different area of preparation and is open to Match Officials of different levels.

There are only 250 spots available for each webinar though so be sure to register early. Click here to register 

Match Preparation

Audience: Newer Referees (but all welcome)

Description: How do you prepare for a match?  Learn how to connect with your crew, plan for the game, understanding the pathway to successful preparation.

Click here to register 

Things you should never say as a Referee

Audience: Referees

Description: There are times when we all want to say something, but know we shouldn’t.  Review some of the definite ‘should not says’ from two of Ontario’s top officials. 

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Match Control

Audience: Referees

Description: You are prepared for the game. You arrive with a game plan but suddenly you realize that you need to gain more control of the match.  How do you do that?  Great tips from top officials.

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So you want to be a referee?

Audience: All community members

Description: Are you a player, parent, coach or spectator that wants to become a referee?  Learn from a young new official, her parent and a Club Mentor about what she experienced the first two years and how it has impacted her own personal development.

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