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Ontario Soccer members step forward to help guide work on diversity in soccer

By Staff, 08/18/20, 11:45AM EDT


The Diversity Advisory Sub-Committee has received an overwhelming response from applicants who have come forward to assist in developing strategies to combat racism and ensure soccer’s multiculturalism is reflected in its governance.

Play. Inspire. Unite. 

Ontario Soccer is committed to developing leadership throughout its system which properly reflects the diverse demographic it serves.

Following an announcement on July 30, which Ontario Soccer stated it would be seeking applications for a new Diversity Advisory Sub-Committee, the response has been encouraging. 

Nearly 40 individuals, from a wide spectrum of demographics and roles within the soccer community, have stepped forward to offer their assistance to address the growing issues of diversity and racism in sport.

“We are very fortunate to serve a game that is played by many diverse ethnic cultures and now is the time to see our soccer community reflect that diversity in the faces of our leadership structure across the province,” said Peter Augruso, President and Chair of the Ontario Soccer Board of Directors. “The enormity of the response from the members of Ontario Soccer is as exciting as the diversity of the applicants who want to volunteer to make our sport stronger.”

Co-Chaired by David Miller, Ontario Soccer Board of Director, the decision has been made, in the spirit of inclusion, to accept all of the applicants to serve as a wider leadership group integrated within the Diversity Advisory Sub Committee.

Eva Havaris, Chair of the Ontario Soccer Nominations Committee, led the applicant process, whose work will begin in September.

The Diversity Advisory Sub-Committee will develop strategy and recommendations for the Ontario Soccer Board of Directors to consider in the areas of diversity, inclusion and leadership as well as address racism in soccer.

“The multiculturalism of soccer is one of our sport’s greatest strengths. It brings together people of all different backgrounds and ways of life and unifies us under our love of the game,” said David Miller, Ontario Soccer Board of Director and Co-Chair of the Diversity Advisory Sub-Committee. “I am looking forward to seeing the work of our Committee and leadership group over the coming months and I am confident it will help our sport take new steps towards creating an environment that reflects our participants and makes all of our membership proud.”

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