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A COVID-19 FAQ for Match Officials

By Staff, 04/07/20, 12:00PM EDT


Answering questions from Ontario's Match Official community

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Ontario Soccer has received additional questions from the membership regarding match officials and have prepared the following additional FAQ in response.

I am considering registering as a Match Official for the 2020 season, but I am not sure if I will receive a refund if the season is suspended. How is Ontario Soccer managing this?

As communicated in March, all registration late fees are waived for the 2020 season and based on the official start date of the 2020 season, there will be a pro-rated reduction in registration fees. This pro-rating will begin July 6, 2020.

If the season starts late, Leagues are already discussing the potential to push their games later into the season to recoup all/some lost games.  Additionally, as a registered Match Official you will have access to officiating indoor competition (if offered in your District).

Ontario Soccer and the District Associations are still going to be providing programming to support the development of Match Officials once the season kicks off, therefore, the LTOD fee and District Development Fees will still be collected as a part of registration but will also be pro-rated.

If you registered prior to the pro-rated fees coming into place, we will be reaching out to you directly and individually in regards to refunding the difference between the fees based on the season start date.

Registration remains open and Match Officials, Assignors and Assessors can register at any time.

What is happening with Match Official Futsal Registration?

The 2019-2020 Futsal registration will be extended at no charge into 2020-2021 if you have already registered.

Futsal referees that did not register in 2019/2020 but wish to register in the Fall of 2020/2021 will be offered a reduced fee of $25.00.

How will the Upgrading Program be handled during this time?

Match Officials will be contacted directly by Ontario Soccer Match Officials Development staff regarding the Upgrading Program

What steps are being put in place for the Fitness Test Requirements of 2020?

In order to be flexible and adaptable during this difficult time, Ontario Soccer have also determined the following regarding Fitness Test requirements.

As Physical Distancing and Suspension of all soccer activities has been extended to May 31,, 2020, the following will apply for Fitness Tests.

  • All 2019 Regional and Provincial Match Officials will not be required to complete a FIFA HI Fitness test in order to maintain their status, unless three tests can be scheduled (in order to service all areas of the Province). This will be determined by the availability of appropriate facilities, supervisors, volunteers and first aid personnel. 
  • All District Grade 7 and 8 match officials will not be required to complete a Beep Test in order to maintain their status. However, if a District Association determines they wish to host these, it will be at their cost.
  • District Associations will be able to host Grade 7 and Grade 8 Upgrading Fitness Tests. This deadline will be pushed back to Oct. 31, 2020 only. Ontario Soccer will cover the cost of the Fitness Test Supervisor.

For the Regional and Provincial Upgrading Officials, Ontario Soccer will attempt to provide you with an official fitness test as soon as possible after the suspension of all soccer activities is lifted.  This will be determined by the availability of appropriate facilities, supervisors, volunteers and first aid personnel.  If Ontario Soccer are not able to do so, we will connect with Canada Soccer to determine next steps.

In 2021, regular fitness test requirements will apply, and your required fitness test must be completed by the required dates.

What happens to assessments if the suspension of all soccer activities extends beyond May 31, 2020?

As Social Isolation and Suspension of all soccer activities has been extended to May 31, 2020 we will remove the requirement for Grade 7 and 8 Assessments for the 2020 season.

Provincial maintenance and Provincial and Regional Upgrading will be the priority assessments for 2020 as they are required by Canada Soccer. Regional Maintenance will be second priority in 2020. 

Purchase of assessment credits will be determined by the start date of the season.  Ontario Soccer will reach out to each group individually at that time.  Match Officials do not need to purchase any assessment credits as this time.  

If you have any further questions, please contact Nicky Pearson, Senior Manager, Match Officials Development.