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The Play Inspire Unite Podcast - Featuring Dr. Norm O'Reilly

By staff, 02/04/20, 11:45AM EST


Dr. Norm O'Reilly shares his thoughts about sports marketing, attracting blue chip brands and much more ahead of Ontario Soccer Summit 2020

Play. Inspire. Unite.

The Play Inspire Unite Podcast is an interview series that features conversations with influential people from within Ontario Soccer and the Ontario Soccer membership.

Discussing issues which impact the province, it's designed to highlight the work of those who are showing us how to Play, Inspire and Unite others in our community.

This week we are joined by Dr. Norm O'Reilly, who is recognized as one of the leading scholars in the business of sports. He is currently Professor and Assistant Dean of Executive Programs in the Lang School of Business & Economics at the University of Guelph, a leading university near Canada’s largest city of Toronto and a keynote speaker at the Ontario Soccer Summit 2020.

As Assistant Dean, he leads Lang’s two professional programs, the MBA and MA (Leadership) degrees. Dr. O’Reilly is also the founding Director of the International Institute for Sport Business & Leadership at Guelph, a think-tank devoted to improving the sports business globally.

Topics and Timestamps

0:56 - What are some of the sport marketing trends to pay attention to in 2020?

3:30 - What are some key indicators of declining numbers in the participation of sport?

7:23 - What will people be able to learn from you at the Ontario Soccer Summit 2020?

9:23 - What can the soccer community learn from other sports?

12:14 - How to attract blue-chip brands

15:47 - Data comparison between soccer and other sports

18:56 - Why should people attend the Ontario Soccer Summit 2020?

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