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The Play Inspire Unite Podcast - Featuring: Johnny Misley and Peter Augruso

By Staff, 01/29/20, 9:30AM EST


Ontario Soccer's Chief Executive Officer Johnny Misley and President and Chair of the Board of Directors Peter Augruso come together for a special State of the Union podcast

Play. Inspire. Unite.

The Play Inspire Unite Podcast is an interview series that features conversations with influential people from within Ontario Soccer and the Ontario Soccer membership.

Discussing issues which impact the province, it's designed to highlight the work of those who are showing us how to Play, Inspire and Unite others in our community.

This week we are joined by Johnny Misley, Ontario Soccer Chief Executive Officer and Peter Augruso, Ontario Soccer President and Chair of the Board of Directors, for a special State of the Union podcast where they cover important initiatives in 2020, Ontario Soccer's Road to 2026, challenges in the Northern Districts, futsal and lots more.

Topics and Timestamps

1:12 - What Strategic Initiatives are coming in 2020?

6:44 - What are some of the highlights of working with the new Board of Directors?

9:03 - How is Ontario Soccer preparing for the 2026 FIFA World Cup?

10:57 - How does the District Presidents Forum work with the Board of Directors?

14:10 - How has the Ontario Soccer Summit become “the” conference in Ontario?

20:09 - How has the financial side of Ontario Soccer modernized?

22:34  - CEO and President’s final word on important initiatives in 2020

24:00 - The unique challenges that Northern Districts face 

Quick Clips