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Regional League Championships settled in Guelph

By Staff, 10/14/19, 2:00AM EDT


Regional League Champions did battle in the U-14, U-15, U-16 and U-17 divisions

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The Regional League Championships were decided over the weekend at the University of Guelph. 

The Regional League Championships are held each year at the end of the league season. 

The winner of each of the Youth Regional Leagues in Ontario participate in this competition to determine the Regional League Champions in the Under 14, Under 15, Under 16 and Under 17 Boys and Girls divisions.

In the U-14 Girls division, the CSL's Barrie came out on top while there was a tie in the U-14 Boys division between the CSL's Etobicoke squad and the ERSL's Ottawa St. Anthony Futuro.

In the U-15 Girls division, the CSL's Glen Shields finished top of the group and were joined by the CSL's Woodbridge in the U-15 Boys division. 

The GHSL's Erin Mills Eagles claimed top spot in the U-16 Girls division, while the GHSL's Milton Blue finished atop the U-16 Boys division. 

Waterloo United of the WRSL, finished first in the U-17 Girls division as Vaughan SC of the CSL finished top in the U-17 Boys division. 

Regional League Championship Winners

The CSL's Etobicoke finished tied for first in the U-14 Boys division

Barrie finished top in the U-14 Girls division

Glen Shields finished first in the U-15 Girls divisions

Erin Mills finished top in the U-16 Girls division

Waterloo United won the U-17 Girls division

The ERSL's Ottawa St. Anthony Futuro finished tied for first in the U-14 Boys division

Woodbridge finished top in the U-15 Boys division

Milton Blue finished first in the U-16 Boys division

Vaughan SC won the U-17 Boys division

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