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Ontario Academy Soccer League's Academy Cup wraps up with 3 champions

By Staff, 10/07/19, 4:30PM EDT


The OASL came to a close this past weekend with the Academy Cup finals at the Ontario Soccer Centre

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The Ontario Academy Soccer League culminated this past weekend at the first-ever Academy Cup which saw 3 academies lift silverware in the U14, U16 and U17 Boys divisions.

The first of the triple-header weekend saw a dramatic clash between DeRo United and Pro Stars FC in the U14 Boys Divison which ended in a 7-0 blowout for the latter. Pro Stars FC opened scoring quickly into the first half with a goal in the 5th minute by Tenoor Beg. Two more goals followed in the first thanks to a second effort by Beg in the 11th minute and a third by Samuel Heitman in the 15th minute.

The first half came to a close with 3 goals in the bag, but Pro Stars FC continued in their pursuit for hitting the back of the net in the second, converting four more goals before the final whistle, with a goal from Sebastian Meza in the 55th minute and 3 more goals in the span of five minutes thanks to another Heitman goal in the 72nd, a hat-trick sealer for Beg in the 77th and a final nail in the coffin by Malma Cortes in the 79th minute.

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The clashes continued well into the U16 Boys Division which saw Red Academy take on Rush Canada. This match did not see the onslaught of goals of its predecessor did since it ended in a 1-1 draw. The first goal of the match belonged to Manaj Palancji who opened the scoring in the 4th minute for Red Academy. The second goal came from Rush Canada's side thanks to an effort from Shaylon Leiba in the 15th minute.

The rest of the match maintained a 1-1 draw until the final whistle, forcing both sides to endure dreaded penalties to call a winner. In kicks, Rush Canada became the victors by a 4-2 penalty shootout on the spot.

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The final match of the Academy Cup saw yet another appearance from Rush Canada, but this time in the U17 division, up against FC Durham Academy.

The U17 Boys did not disappoint by racking up the goal tally which saw the match finish in a whopping 5-0 victory for FC Durham Academy with three of the goals all coming in the first 45 minutes of play.

Imran Abdulatif opened the scoring in the 17th minute and earned himself a second goal in the 62nd, while teammates James White, Darius- Kerr Cooper and Jordan Wilson all contributed to the final 5-0 scoreline that made them champions.

"Congratulations to the winners of the OASL Cup Finals," said Gary Miller, Technical Director of Ontario Soccer.

"It is great to see the private Academies prepare players and compete at the OASL level. Continue the development in preparation for 2020.

The OASL is a three-year pilot project by Ontario Soccer that has now come to a close with the culmination of the Academy Cup.

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