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Webinar - Coaching the Adolescent Soccer Player from a Holistic Perspective

By Staff, 07/29/19, 2:15PM EDT


Wendy Rijnen Glover takes a look at how to allow players to focus more on their sport.

Play. Inspire. Unite. 

Understanding the athlete as they transition from grassroots into train to train and train to compete is of utmost importance.

Wendy Rijnen Glover, a Coach and Holistic Athlete Development Consultant, has spent 21 years developing potential in athletes and with teams.

She is able to support athletes in the best way for their success individually and on teams. She approaches development in athletes by understanding many factors related to the sport, besides just the technical and tactical aspects, which are mostly what is focused on by coaches, teams, and others.

Of concern is developing the potential and providing much needed support of the player in other areas unrelated to technical or tactical development.

Her interest is not only in developing the athlete’s sport performance, but developing the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Social needs of the athlete (PIES), based on a proven personal development system.

This support system allows the player to focus more on their sport. She has developed this concern after 20+ years teaching, coaching, and assisting athletes transition through sport.

The players have shared with her their concerns and each year she has added more to my portfolio ways to improve how she can help them reach their potential in a more ‘holistic’ manner.

Schools usually see players as a “student” and teams see them as an “athlete.” There is so much more to be explored in their potential in a more holistic manner that will produce improvements in all areas of their life, including sport performance.

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