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Aspiring Match Officials reflect on their invaluable experience in the League1 Ontario’s 5th Official Program

By Staff, 07/03/19, 10:30AM EDT


Joshua Lefort, and Cierra Meredith, young Match Officials from the Oshawa Kicks Soccer Club recently participated in the program and enjoyed the opportunity and experience

Play. Inspire. Unite. 

League1 Ontario is a standards-based, pro-am league which showcases homegrown talent across the province.

This also calls for high-level Match Officials to keep up with the intensity of the league players.

League1 Ontario's “5th Official Program” allows aspiring young match officials to take part in the environment, expectations, and preparations of a high-performance league.

The Match Officials arrive dressed in full-business attire, help with substitutions, discuss foul recognition, and take in the atmosphere.

Joshua Lefort and Cierra Meredith, young Match Officials from the Oshawa Kicks Soccer Club, recently participated in the program and made the most of their opportunity and the experience.

"First and foremost, I am privileged to have assisted a League1 game. I genuinely enjoyed the experience and have been inspired by this event," said Lefort, a Grade 4 Match Official. "My favourite moment was discussing the fouls that were committed at halftime with the Match Officials. This allowed me to meticulously process the information before judging whether or not I would have blown my whistle. I also enjoyed organizing the substitutions since it taught me to work efficiently under pressure."

Meredith made sure she made the most of her opportunity. 

"My favourite part of the mentorship was being able to go through the whole process of how match officials get ready for their games. Not only was I able to experience how the match officials get ready on the field, I got to experience what it is like off the field as well. I was able to listen in to the pre-game chats, how they were approaching the game and handling the game as a group of officials," said Meredith, a Grade 4 Match Official. "It also showed me the great leadership skills you need to have as a referee to make sure your linesman and other officials understand what you want them to do. It was very informative and I enjoyed the experience."

Interested match officials or organizations should contact League1 Ontario to learn more about the 5th Official Program.