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OPDL Marketing Resources

By Staff, 06/20/17, 10:45AM EDT


This page is for the use of OPDL License Holders only

Play. Inspire. Unite. 

Marketing Resources

The following resources will continually be updated. Please check back often for more files and documents to assist you in the marketing and promotion of your OPDL program. 

To comply with the Branding Guidelines of the OPDL, all assets below must be used with the correct fonts, which can be downloaded and installed with the two zip folders below.

In order to improve these resources, please review this page and provide your feedback by clicking on the red button. 

OPDL Brand Guidelines

All OPDL License Holders must adhere to the brand guidelines of the OPDL. 

Social Media Templates

Download the following files to receive ready-made Photoshop templates (complete with License Holder logos).

OPDL Infographics

Download the following OPDL Infographic images (as individual statistics or one master infographic) for promotional use. Note, not files may be altered in any way.

Coming soon.

OPDL Infographic Flyer & Talented Pathway Graphic

Feel free to use this (print-ready) to promote the OPDL on a more general basis. 

The Talented Pathway illustrates the many potential opportunities athletes have, as part of the Pathway. 

OPDL Parent Handbook

This document is intended for the education of prospective OPDL parents.

New versions will be updated periodically. 

OPDL Parent Checklist

This document can be distributed to your parents for further education of your OPDL program. 

Coming soon.

Seasonal Graphics

OPDL Video Resources

Feel free to use these videos which speak to the philosophies and program design of the OPDL.