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The Match Officials Spotlight - The family connection

By Staff, 03/14/19, 2:30PM EDT


This edition looks at two match officials, who are brothers, and how LTOD events have helped them

Play. Inspire. Unite. 

Ontario Soccer recognizes success in all forms.

The Match Officials Spotlight, is one way of celebrating the achievements of Match Officials accomplishments.

In this edition, we look at how the Long Term Match Official Development program has helped a pair of brothers achieve their development goals as officials. 

LTOD Reflection - Philip Miranda

"From the start of my refereeing career, I have strived to reach the best of my abilities. Eighteen months ago, when I attended the LTOD event, I never thought I would be officiating in League1 Ontario two summers later.

Since then, I have been given various opportunities which provide valuable learning experiences. It is important to take every learning opportunity you can and absorb as much feedback and information as possible.

Overall, attending the LTOD event as a young referee looking to expand my refereeing career helped me in many ways by obtaining beneficial knowledge, outstanding insight from experienced leaders, and lastly, being identified by Ontario Soccer as a promising referee.

LTOD Reflection – Jordan Miranda

"Looking back to the LTOD day that was hosted in London to now, being apart of League1 feels the same as looking back at old baby photos. So much has been learned over the course of that time, it would be impossible for me to put all the knowledge into words.

If you get the opportunity to receive feedback on your games, it’s important that you absorb every piece of knowledge and experience that your mentor/assessor is passing on to you. Be curious and ask questions, learn to understand why and it will always come together.

The LTOD day & program played a large role in bringing me to where I am. The amount of education, support, and effort that’s given to the officials at these sessions is astounding. I’m extremely grateful to be where I am now as a match official and I credit much of this progress towards the LTOD program."