I2020-132 - Ontario Indoor Cup Cancelled 

I2020-131 - Policy Updates

I2020-130 - Government of Ontario moves 7 regions into new Zones   

I2020-128 - Government of Ontario moves 3 regions into new Zones   

I2020-126 - Rowan's Law Update

I2020-124 - COVID-19 Liability Protection Legislation Receives Royal Assent

I2020-122 - Return to Play Updated in Accordance with new Government Framework    

I2020-120 - COVID-19 Liability Protection

I2020-118 - Updates to Return to Play Guide and Plan based on new Government Framework

I2020-116 - Government of Ontario Announcement on new Public Health Unit designations

I2020-114 - District Presidents/Ontario Registered Academies Working Group Update

I2020-112 - Organizations reminded to consult with local Public Health Authorities  

I2020-110 - Government of Ontario announcement on York Region and Spectator Restrictions in Hotspot Communities 

I2020-108 - Government of Ontario announcement on Toronto, Ottawa and Peel Region

I2020-106 - Ontario Cup Rule Change 

I2020 - 104 - Online C License Course Registration Now Open

I2020 - 102 - FAQ #9

I2020-100 - Niagara Falls SC becomes 30th OPDL License Holder

I2020-098 - Match Official Clinic Updates

I2020-096 - Hosting of Practical In-Person Community Workshop Training

I2020-094 - Update on Ontario Soccer Summit 2021

I2020-092 - Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities announces sport relief fund 

I2020-090 - FAQ #8

I2020-088 - Update on Rowan's Law Implementation Timeline

I2020-086 - Government of Ontario announcement on gathering limits for sports and recreational facilities 

I2020-084 - Reminder to register participants for Outdoor and Indoor Seasons 2020-2021

I2020-082 - PISL Registration is Now Open

I2020 - 080 - Updates of COVID-19; Return to Play and FAQ #7

I2020-078 - New online National C License Course

I2020-076 - Regions moving to Phase 2 of Ontario Soccer Return to Play Plan

I2020-074 - Update to Match Officials Section, Return to Play Guidelines

I2020-070 - Government of Ontario Announces Further Regions Moving to Stage 2 of their Provincial plan

I2020-068 - Return to Play Webinars

I2020-066 - Round 2 of Online Match Official Clinics

I2020-064 - Update of COVID-19; Return to Play and FAQ #5

I2020-062 - 2020 Ontario Soccer Election Results

I2020-060 - Provincial Government Announcement on Outdoor Amateur Team Sports

I2020-058 - York9 to begin Phase 1 of Canadian Premier League Return to Training Protocols 

I2020-056 - 2020 Ontario Soccer Board of Director Election Candidates

I2020-054 - Clarification regarding bulletin I2020-053 

I2020 - 52 - 2020 Ontario Cup and Masters Provincial Championships Update

I2020-050 - Provincial Government Announcement of Opening of Outdoor Recreational Fields

I2020-048 - New C License Courses Online

I2020-046 - Updates on Player Recommendation Process for 2020

I2020-044 - Student User Guide for Online Match Official Accreditation Clinics

I2020-042 - Launch of Online Match Official Accreditation Clinics

I2020 - 040 - Expressions of Interest for Board of Directors now public

I2020 - 038 - Player Registration and Ontario Cup Registration Deadline Extended

I2020 - 036 - Virtual Training Insurance Coverage

I2020-034 - Updates on COVID-19 and FAQ #3

I2020-032 - Ontario Cup Deadline

I2020-030 - Update on Online Activities during temporary suspension 

I2020-028 -Update on delivery of Match Official Accreditation Clinics

I2020-026 - Player Registration deadline extended

I2020-024 - Ontario Soccer suspension due to the COVID-19 pandemic

I2020-021 - COVID19 Travel Sanctioning Applications

I2020-019 - Registration for Gatorade 5v5

I2020-017 - 2020 Female Coach Mentorship Program

I2020-015 - Canada Soccer Club Licensing Announcement

I2020-013 - Player Books and Stickers

I2020 -011 - National Championship Request for Proposal

I2020-009 - Novel Coronavirus

I2020-007 - OSCAR Support Sessions – 2020 Ontario Soccer Summit

I2020-005 - Grassroots Standards 2020

I2020-003- PISL announcement

I2020-001 - Operational Procedures Update

I2020-133 - Government of Ontario pauses current Public Health Framework, All In-Person Soccer Activities suspended until further notice 

I2020-129 - Update on 2021 Match Official Accreditation Clinics    

I2020-127 - Holiday hours

I2020-125 - Government announcement of new zones

I2020-123 - Updates of COVID-19; Return to Play and FAQ #10

I2020-121 - Government of Ontario moves Toronto and Peel Regions to Lockdown, moves 12 other regions into new Zones   

I2020-119 - Government of Ontario moves 15 regions into new Zone Categories  

I2020-117 - Centre Circle Award winners announced

I2020-115 - Government of Ontario announcement on new Public Health Unit framework

I2020-113 - Ontario Government Announcement on COVID-19 Liability Protection Legislation   

I2020-111 - New COVID-19 Screening Amendments 

I2020-109 - Update on ORA

I2020-107 - Staff Announcement

I2020-105 - Government of Ontario announcement on Toronto, Ottawa and Peel Region 

I2020-103 - Registration open for Goalkeeper Coach Diploma Course

I2020-101 - 2021 Applications on Competition and Travel Management System (CTMS)

I2020-099 - Government of Ontario announcement on Gathering Limits

I2020-097 - Return to Play Updates

I2020 - 095 - Annual Meeting of the Members Concludes with Second Installment in 2020

I2020-093 - 2020 GTA Talent on Location Days and Provincial Screening Competition 

I2020-91 - Update on OPDL Competitive Season 

I2020-089 - Phase 2 of Return to Play – Enhanced Format for Modified Games

I2020-087 - Ontario Soccer members step forward to help guide work on diversity in soccer 

I2020-085 - Clarifying sanctioned competition for Ontario Soccer Members 

I2020-083 - Government of Ontario Announces Further Regions Moving to Stage 3

I2020 - 081 - Toronto and Peel Region moving to Phase 2

I2020-79 - Cancellation of OASL Season

I2020-077 - Next group of regions moving to Phase 2 of Ontario Soccer’s Return to Play Plan

I2020-075 - Government of Ontario Announcement on Stage 3 Re-Opening of Economy

I2020-073 - Updates of COVID-19; Return to Play and FAQ #6

I2020-071 - Government of Ontario Announces Further Region Moving to Stage 2 of their Provincial plan

I2020-069 - Re-Opening of Rental Facilities and Fields 

I2020-067 - Player Registration Deadline 

I2020-065 - Soccer Fitness Trainer Diploma – New Courses Announced

I2020-063 - Province of Ontario Announces Further Regions Moving to Stage 2 of their provincial plan

I2020-061 - New Online C License Course 

I2020-059 - Canada Soccer announces two Provinces set for Return to Play

I2020-057 - Return to Play Planning and COVID-19 Update

I2020-055 - Community Coach Workshops Now Available Online 

I2020-053 - Lifting the suspension of physical conditioning and skill based training. 

I2020-051 - 2020 Ontario Soccer Notice of Annual Meeting of the Members       

I2020-049 - Update of COVID-19; Impacted Activities and FAQ #4

I2020-047 - Player Registration Deadline

I2020-045 - FAQ and Student User Guide for Online Match Official Accreditation Clinics

I2020-043 - Upcoming C Licenses Moving to Online Delivery

I2020-041 - CORRECTION - Expressions of Interest Now Public

I2020-039 - Virtual Training Updated

I2020-037 - OSCAR Registration and SAAS fee billings for Outdoor Season 2020 

I2020-035 - Match Official Accreditation

I2020-033 - COVID-19 Financial and Leadership Resources

I2020-031 - Updates of COVID-19 Impacted Activities and FAQ #2

I2020-029 - Player Development Program Updates 

I2020-027 - Discipline Hearings 

I2020-025 - COVID-19 Shutdown FAQ

I2020-023 - COVID19 Update 

I2020-022 - Review of Rowans Law Implementation

I2020-020 - Ontario Cup Registration

I2020-018 - Update on Ontario Registered Academies (ORA)

I2020-016 - Upcoming C Licence (Niagara)

I2020-14 - Nothers Volunteers

I2020-012 - Froster Active Kids Announcement 

I2020-010 - Announcement of 2020 National Youth Club License Holders 

I2020-008 - PISL Revisions

I2020-006 - Upcoming C Licence Course

I2020-004 - Code of Conduct Policy Update

I2020-002 - Community Coach Courses