I would like to host a clinic for my club. How do I do this?

To host a coaching clinic for your club, please click here and follow the directions.

How much do courses cost to host and how do I know what is expected of me as a host?

Please ensure you read the Clinic Information Brochure which will go into detail as to what is expected from hosts, how much clinics cost and facility requirements.

I do not have 15 participants in my coaching clinic. Can I still run the clinic?

No. Unfortunately, all clinics need a minimum of 15 participants. This rule needs to be enforced because the sessions require this many participants. This is also to ensure the sessions are run correctly and that the participants/coaches receive the best training for their registration fee.

Now that everything is paperless, what do I need to supply?

We ask that hosts please tell their participants to print out their workbook and bring it with them, OR print out copies for their participants in the clinic.