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Integrated Model (IModel) Overview

IModel Pilot Project Updates

IModel Introduction

The purpose of this document is to describe the IModel concept and the 2022 Pilot test in Central Region.

The new IModel concept is innovative and will provide new development opportunities within the Soccer 4 life competitive stream.

The intention is to integrate stakeholders and existing competitive structures, with the goal to unify the soccer community and continue moving the game forward by introducing some novel but rational solutions and concepts that addresses a number of difficult questions; length of the season, self-determination, adequate level of competition, seasonal periodization, promotion & relegation, affordability etc.

The IModel drivers are a combination of league criteria and player readiness, with the vision to equally serve all members, allowing even the smallest organization the possibility of being placed at the adequate competitive level based on merit (real-time assessment).

The framework features suitable long-term player development principles from Canada Soccer and takes into consideration the player stage of development (readiness).

The 2022 season will be a test of the model where we will gather data enabling us to make any changes that are necessary to improve the concept. 

 The IModel and its dynamics combine essential development elements like; mental preparation, goal setting and learn how to cope with competition while players continue to acquire more advance skills.

The variety of the competitive conditions will give these players an equitable opportunity to develop, which will contribute immensely to best prepare their next steps.

The concept also takes into consideration the importance for our youth players to have a good balance between family, sports and education.

The recommendation of 3:1 training to game ratio will allow proper recovery between matches and takes into account how travel impacts behavior.

Championship Showcase, for the 2022 edition of the IModel, teams will be required to travel (one time) to the Ontario Soccer Centre.

Overall the IModel brings all members together and bridges many gaps giving more relevance to players in the LTPD “Soccer 4 Life stream”.

This framework underpins very important principles; affordability fairness, inclusiveness, competitiveness, and affordability with achievable goal setting.

The IModel Annual Cycle important information:

  • Properly periodized both from the perspective of providing breaks and time off for players and teams throughout the annual calendar, as well as providing enough time between matches for training/recovery.
  • Proper periodization is also achieved via a regularly scheduled with 2-week break in the summer, as well as a 6-week recovery period after season completion.
  • Best prepare players for the modern game with an adequate level of competition.


  • A minimum of 6 teams are required to form a District Qualifying Season.
  • The existing regional level of play is integrated in the IModel as Competitive 1.
  • Competitive 1 and Competitive 2 will be populated from teams advancing from the Qualifying Season.
  • Competitive 1 will accommodate up to a maximum of 14 girls/14 boys teams per age group/gender.
  • The league will not have Promotion and Relegation.
  • In the Qualifying Season the District Associations can form multiple groups as per their needs.
  • Player movement only allowed within same Club or Academy in the same season.
  • Clubs and Academies are not obliged to populate any age group.
  • Club and Academy can only have one team representation per age group/gender.
  • Yearly qualification for Competitive 1 and Competitive 2.
  • Technical leaders should have exclusive right to decide which players/teams will populate spots from their clubs at the qualifying season.

Note: The Season dates for any other level below the IModel remains untouched, so Districts, can tailor their leagues/programs to best suit their membership needs.

Competition Format

Please be aware that the IModel aims to provide an adequate level of play for players who show readiness and reward them with a suitable competitive challenge.  

  • Game format is 11v11 and align to FIFA standards related to field and goal sizes and to the IFAB standards related to the Laws of the Game.
  • Results and standings will be recorded.
  • The respective District Associations in collaboration with the Club and Academy technical leaders will have the exclusive right to decide which players/teams will be offered spots at the league qualifying season.
  • Clubs and Academies are not obliged to populate any age group in the league.
  • Clubs and Academies can only have one (1) team representation per gender/age group.
  • At the District, below the IModel Division Clubs and Academies can have multiple teams representation.
  • The team qualification process for Competitive 1 and Competitive 2 must be conducted every year. “Soccer is about fair play, hard work and passion combined with suitable skills”
  • The IModel consists of three (3) phases: 1) Qualifying Season. 2) Competitive 1 & Competitive 2.  and 3) Championship Showcase.
  • Qualifying season can be in a District Association, or a combination of one of more District Associations.
  • A District Association can only run an IModel Division with a minimum of 6 suitable teams. 

Note: A Club or Academy team of a District that doesn’t have a compatible Division can join a neighbouring District League (approval required by the two District Associations)

Championship Showcase

  1. In 2022 the Championship final is disputed by the 2 top teams.
  2. The final takes place in designated location previously stablished early in November.
  3. In the event of a tie, the criteria set out in the Event Rules apply.

IModel Criteria

IModel Criteria U13+


Club License

Yes, recommended Quality Soccer Provider

2022 Season Length

Up to 31 weeks window including Championship game [April – November]

Development Conference

Up to 12 weeks window [April 1st– June 20th]

Competitive 2

12 weeks window [July 5th – Sep 26th]

Competitive 1 (including Championships)

17 weeks window [July 5th – Oct 31st]

Championship Showcase (Competitive 1)

Up to 2 weeks window [Nov 1st – Nov 14th]

Championship (competitive 2)

Up to 2 weeks window [Oct 2nd – Oct 10th]

Matches per Season

20 – 30

League Break Periods

 June 27 to July 10

League Standings


Match Format

11v11 “FIFA”

Match Days


Head Coach Certification

C License

Assistant Coach Certification

Soccer 4 Life

Match Official Grade

Referee grade 7 - AR 6

Minimum Team Officials at Match


Training to Game Ratio


Minimum Roster Size (ideal 2 Goalkeepers)

16 – 20

Season Break

6 weeks

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IModel Pilot Project Team Registration Form

IModel Pilot Project Rules and Regulations

IModel Resources

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