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Grassroots Workshops

The Player Development Department has been created in Ontario Soccer to assist the membership, districts and clubs with their understanding of the Long Term Player Development (LTPD) philosophy and how it is being applied at the Grassroots level of our game in Ontario.

Grassroots Workshops are available for District Associations and Clubs to host. The content of a Grassroots Workshop is found below:

  • 2 day course – 9am – 4pm
  • Course background and objectives, FIFA, CSA, Ontario Soccer
  • Philosophy of Grassroots Soccer
  • Importance of small sided games
  • How to plan a practical session
  • The characteristics of children and the educational approach
  • Field preparation for a festival
  • Running a festival

The course content is designed to provide theoretical and practical knowledge to coaches to work with larger groups of grassroots players. The emphasis in each of the games and sessions will be fun, creativity and self-expression. A player centered, holistic approach is used to create well rounded, positive young people who love the game of soccer. Understanding why children play soccer is important in the adult management of the game, children play soccer for a variety of different reasons, some are quite different than why adults play soccer.

If you want to register for a Grassroots Workshop, please contact Gabriel Assis or visit