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Goalkeeper Coach Diploma

Oct 28, Nov 4, Nov 11, Nov 18 (7pm-9pm online), Nov 26 (Soccer Centre 9am-3pm)


This is a Diploma course produced by Ontario Soccer that combines theoretical and practical components of Goalkeeping Coaching..

What do you learn?

.Components covered include:

  • Principles of Development
  • Role of the coach
  • Goalkeeping psychology
  • Energy systems - Fitness, Agility and Nutrition
  • Attributes of a good Goalkeeper coach

What are the course pre-requisites?

  • Completed "Learn to Train" or "Soccer For Life" + MED + Respect In Soccer + Proof of Making Head Way


What is the cost?


How to apply?

Coaches create an account on Coach Centre if they do not already have an existing account. Applications will only be accepted via E2E Coach Centre. Coach Centre will send an automated email to the coach stating that the application has been submitted.

When is the next course?

October 28th, November 4th, November 11th, November 18th (7pm to 9pm Online), November 26th (9am to 3pm Soccer Centre, Vaughan Practical Session)

Must attend all 4 online sessions and the practical session in order to achieve your Goalkeeper Coach Diploma