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Goalkeeper Coach Certificate

For all aspiring Goalkeeping Coaches, this online course is your first step to cover the basics of developing Goalkeepers. 

Who are you as a coach?  What do you want the goalkeepers you are coaching to achieve? How are you going to help them get there?  Are you able to coach your goalkeeper in all areas of the game?  Are you preparing your goalkeeper for the game of today or the game of the future?


For all aspiring Goalkeeping Coaches, this online course covers the basics of developing Goalkeepers.

What do you learn?

Coaches who take this course will be able to plan a full session, using GAG Methodology, apply these techniques with their goalkeepers in an analytical activity and small sided game and deliver a full staged warm up.

The course is broken down into 6 parts;

1.The Introduction & Goal setting - Who are you as a Goalkeeper Coach?
2. Goalkeeper Handling Techniques with Tony Roberts 
3.GAG Methodology 
4. Match Day Preparation for Goalkeepers 
5. Plan a session 
6. Review of learning 

What are the course pre-requisites?

Completed the "Soccer For Life” or “Learn to Train” + MED + Respect In Soccer + Making Head Way. 

These are mandatory to coach anywhere in Ontario. The Ontario Soccer Goalkeeper Coach Certificate alone, does not change or supersede any of the mandatory requirements to coach soccer in Ontario. People who choose to take this course for information only will not be considered a trained coach without the course prerequisites.

What is the cost?


How long is the course?

Approximately 2-3 hours.

Course access is for one month and must be completed within this time frame for successful completion. 

How to apply?

Click the link here to proceed to taking the course.

Course Preview