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Female Coach Mentorship Program

2020 Dates

The Female Coach Mentorship Program is now open for applications for 2020!

Please click HERE to submit an application.

Please click HERE if you are interested solely in attending the Ontario Soccer Female Online Coaching Workshops.


Mentee Coach Commitments include:

1. A baseline meeting with their Coach Mentor by March 30, 2020.

2. Film 3 practice sessions and submit to their mentor on the following timelines:

Video 1 - Submitted - May 2020

Video 2 - Submitted - July 2020

Video 3 - Submitted - October 2020

Each video submission must have a pre-brief and de-brief meeting, which will take place before and after their session submission respectively, with the coach mentor. The pre-brief and de-brief will take place via video calls.

3. Each Mentee would be required to attend the Online Female Coaching Workshops. These will be delivered across Spring (April), Summer (July) and Fall (Oct).

Female coaches who apply for one of the four mentee coach positions, but are not successful, will be invited to attend the online Ontario Soccer Female Coaching Workshops that will occur throughout 2020.

Applications for Mentorship are now open and will close on March 13, 2020.

Program Overview

Ontario Soccer is committed to creating a professional and successful mentorship program that will respond to the needs and aspirations of the many outstanding female soccer coaches that are already practicing in Ontario, and the many more who will join our coaching programs in the years ahead. The Female Mentorship Program is part of a holistic support system approach and is one more component of Ontario Soccer's commitment to Long‐Term Player Development (LTPD) under the guidance of Canada Soccer.

Program Structure

  1. Head Mentor Coach
    • Roles / Responsibilities:
      • Will deliver the Female Coach Mentorship Program
      • Will ensure mentee coaches fulfill their responsibilities and commitments and ensure Ontario Soccer meets their expectations. 
      • Will offer professional guidance and support to the mentee coaches, while also providing detailed feedback, both verbally and in writing
      • Will conduct practice reviews and also review C Licence, B Licence Part 1, and B Licence Part 2 practice sessions.
      • Will host female coaching workshops for aspiring female soccer coaches interested in developing and expanding their coaching knowledge
  2. Four Mentee Coaches
    • C Licence Trained level coach or above are preferred
    • Expectations:
      • Will commit to a 9–month program on a volunteer basis
      • Must be actively working towards achieving the C Licence, B Licence Part 1, and B Licence Part 2 coaching license
      • Will plan and deliver practice C Licence, B Licence Part 1, and B Licence Part 2 sessions
      • Will participate in session and game observation (pre and post discussions with Head Mentor Coach)
      • Will attend Online Female Coaching Workshops
      • Will assume coaching leadership role as they attain their C Licence, B Licence – Part 1, and B Licence – Part 2 licenses
  3. Practice Review
    • Minimum of 3 practices, submitted via video, per mentee coach
      • Video 1 - Submitted in May 2020
      • Video 2 - Submitted in July 2020
      • Video 3 - Submitted in October 2020
    • Mentor Coach will provide feedback
      • Where there is a Technical Director/Club Head Coach, they can be invited to be involved in the debrief portion of the practice assessments
    • Topics will be with discussion with the Mentor Coach
  4. Online Female Coaches Workshops
    • Attendees with include mentee coaches and the other female soccer coaches
      • Mandatory for mentee coaches to attend the Female Coaches Workshops.
    • Will include both practical and theory components
      • On‐field model C License and B License Part 1 sessions
      • Classroom presentations and group work
        • Ex. Principles of Play, Session Planning

Goals, Objective, and Outcomes


1. To develop elite female soccer coaches, who in turn will act as educators and mentors to other aspiring female coaches in Ontario;

2. To create a supportive, professional female coaching culture in Ontario;

3. To encourage promising female soccer coaches across Ontario to reach their full coaching.


1. To prepare female soccer coaches for the C License, B License – Part 1 (Provincial B), and B License – Part 2 (National B) courses.


1. Increase the number of female soccer coaches in the Licensing (Excellence) coaching stream;

2. Increase number of female soccer coaches working part time / full time in the sport;

3. Increase number of female soccer coaches working in OPDL environments.