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Coach Evaluations

C Licence Evaluations

Before requesting an evaluation...

Take into consideration the following factors that may affect you and your ability to complete the evaluation during the required time period:

  • Personal and professional schedules,
  • Access to players,
  • Access to field time
  • Access and level of comfort with the technology required to video record your session, and capture and sync the audio

When registering for an Evaluation Block, coaches must ensure they are able to complete the entire process in the allotted three (3) month timeframe. Failure to complete the process or withdrawal at any point will result in an incomplete attempt and require that the coach re-registers for another Evaluation Block with the accompanying fee in full. No exceptions will be made.

If a coach believes that they will not be able to complete the evaluation within the assigned Block, and wish to be moved to a different Block or removed altogether, the coach must inform Ontario Soccer via e-mail two weeks prior to the beginning of the block. Requests to be re-assigned or removed that are received within two weeks of the assigned Block will be subject to a $250 fee.


Evaluation Process

Upon fully completing the C Licence course, coaches must successfully complete their practical evaluation to attain C Licence "Certified" status. Evaluations are completed via the video evaluation platform. The year is organized into four (4) blocks that are three (3) months in duration.

For 2023, the Evaluation Blocks are as follows:

  • Block 1: January - March
  • Block 2: April - June
  • Block 3: July - September
  • Block 4: October - December

Within each block, coaches will complete the evaluation process, as follows:

  1. Create an account and login to the Ontario Soccer Coach Evaluation Platform. Please ensure you check your e-mail (inbox & spam folder) on the first week of your registered Evaluation Block.
  2. Creation and submission of your full Session Plan and Emergency Action Plan (EAP);
  3. Pre-brief of your session plan with your assigned Ontario Soccer Evaluator, prior to delivering your session;
  4. Video recording and submission of your training session;
    • The recording can total no more than 30 minutes
    • Only the Initial Game and Analytical Activity must be recorded
    • A minimum of 12 players that are at least 11 years of age (U12) or older must be used
  5. Review of your recorded session by your Coach Evaluator;
  6. Debrief with feedback from your Coach Evaluator, for your submitted session.

See below for the Video Evaluation Process and Video Evaluation Guidelines documents.


How do I request my evaluation?

Click on "Register Here" below for the respective Block. After registering, coaches will be vetted prior to access being provided to the Video Evaluation Platform. Coaches must monitor their email (inbox & spam folder) for the invitation to join the platform.

If your desired block is full, please join our waitlist - Register Here

Important: For coaches that completed their course prior to 2019, payment steps will be shared to finalize registration. Coaches that completed their course in 2019 and beyond have already completed payment through their registration for the course.


Next Steps...

If coaches are unsuccessful in their evaluation, they are eligible for up to two (2) re-evaluations within their 'trained' status period (currently 3 years; previously 5 years). Each additional evaluation is subject to payment of $250.

Coaches are able to appeal an unsuccessful evaluation and/or the evaluation process or procedure. Please see the Appeals document below for detailed information on the appeal process.

B Licence Part 1 Evaluations

How do I request my evaluation?

Once you are ready for your evaluation, please contact Lyndon Hooper, for more information.