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There are more than 600 soccer clubs in Ontario that range in size from a handful of members to more than 10,000.

A Club's responsibilities are to

  1. Provide a safe and supportive environment for all participants.
  2. Develop players in alignment with Long Term Player Development principles.
  3. Develop Coaches, Match Officials and Volunteers to a level that best suits the needs of the individual and also meets their own personal goals.
  4. Promote the game of soccer and a healthy lifestyle to its own membership, and when required, to external partners such as schools, municipalities and community groups.
  5. Provide an appropriate level of competition for all its members through its own local club league or through District, Regional and Provincial competitions.
  6. Abide by Federal and Provincial law, in addition to soccer related policies as stipulated by Ontario Soccer or its governing District Association.

Clubs can seek further guidance from their District Association.