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Club Development Resources

Ontario Soccer and Settlement Guide

A guide for helping to bring new Canadians into the Ontario Soccer family.

Best Practice

The Ontario Soccer Club Excellence Template Booklet has over 40 Policies, Guidelines, Forms and Job Descriptions that clubs are free to adopt.

The Booklet will continue to develop as our network of Soccer Development Coordinators and Club Excellence clubs grows. The sharing of Best Practice saves clubs from ‘reinventing the wheel’ and allows all of us to spend that little bit more time out on the soccer field. 

How to use a Template

While Templates can be a quick and effective way to fill a documentation gap the fact is they still need to be rigorously assessed prior to acceptance. We have defined these seven simple steps to ensure your Club not only understands the template being adopted but that it is endorsed fully.

  1. Identify a gap in the Clubs documentation
  2. Select a template that will effectively fill that gap
  3. Present it to the Club Board for discussion. At this time a Board member may be aware of existing documentation that can be used or that simply needs updating
  4. Agree on a revised format that either;
    1. Adopt the new template in its entirety
    2. Uses a hybrid of both new and old
    3. Maintain the old document
  5. Format the template so that all blanks are filled in identifying the appropriate title (Club, Board Position etc.) and pertinent dates. It is good practice to identify in one corner of the document the exact date it was adopted.
  6. Include the Club logo (this is your Club document)
  7. Present to the Board for final approval at the next meeting.
  8. Make the announcement (if beneficial) on the Club website, to ensure your membership is aware of the addition.