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C Licence

2019 Course Dates

Date Location
January 15, 16, 17, 18 Ontario Soccer Centre (Woodbridge)
February 5, 6, 7, 8 Ontario Soccer Centre (Woodbridge)


What do you learn?

The focus of the C Licence is on the individual player in the different contexts of the game, as we try to develop their decision making and build their level of execution. Coaches learn to develop their sessions based on the players they have and their developmental objectives. They learn to devise, organize, conduct, and evaluate coaching sessions in basic skills, tactics, and strategies.

Who is this for?

It is aimed at coaches working with players who are starting or still learning and developing as players. Coaches should be coaching in a competitive environment, as defined by the Canada Soccer Player Pathway.

What are the pre-requisites?

Prior to registering for the C Licence course, coaches must complete the following:

Learn to Train OR Soccer for Life

Make Ethical Decisions Course

Respect in Sport Online Module

Making Headway in Soccer Online Module

What is the cost?

Course: $790.00

*please be aware that the assessment fee is now included in the overall course fee*

How long is the course?

The course is 32 hours in duration, spread across 4 days (typically over 2 consecutive weekends). Within the 32 hours, there are 8 modules, each split into a classroom and an on-field session. Full participation is expected and full attendance is mandatory. For coaches wishing to be "C Licence Certified", there is an assessment opportunity available. Please see below for more details.

Application and Registration

Please click for a link to Coach Centre. Coaches are required to apply for the course, providing proof of their completion of the pre-requisites. Upon being approved, coaches are then able to register for the course they are interested in.

Post-Course Assessment

How do I get evaluated?

Upon fully completing the C Licence course, coaches are able to complete their practical evaluation to attain "C Licence Certified" status. There is a mandatory 3 month waiting period, prior to coaches being able to complete their evaluation. Once the 3 months have passed, coaches are able to contact Ontario Soccer to submit their formal request.

Evaluations will be completed via the newly introduced video evaluations. There will now be 4, 3 month blocks, scheduled throughout the course of the year. Coaches that have declared their interest, following the 3 month waiting period, will be offered an opportunity to register for a block. Please note that the evaluation fee is now incorporated into the course registration fee.

Once registered for an evaluation block, coaches are to submit a fully completed session plan and Emergency Action Plan. These two items will be reviewed by an assessor and feedback will be provided during a pre-brief.

Practical Evaluation

Coaches are only required to submit a recording of their Initial Game and Analytical Activity, with the recording totalling 30 minutes. Players used must meet the following criteria:

  • minimum 12 players
  • LTPD stage 3 or 4

If you are unsuccessful in your assessment, you are eligible for up to 2 re-assessments within the 18 month period following. Each additional assessment is subject to payment at the same fee. Coaches are able to appeal an unsuccessful assessment and/or the assessment process or procedure. Please see the link below for detailed information on the appeal process.

Quest for Gold Bursary

Quest For Gold Coach Bursary 
Quest For Gold (Q4G) is funded from the net revenues generated by the Quest for Gold lottery. Q4G provides education-based subsidies for competitive to high-performance coaches, including those at the high school, academy, college and university levels.

The Quest for Gold initiative is alo instrumental in delivering financial assistance to Provincial Sport Organizations for coach-related costs. The Q4G programs aims to ensure that Ontario's development and high-performance athletes receive the best coaching possible, by providing a series of enhancement programs and resources for coaches and PSOs. 

Who is Eligible?

If you have completed a C Licence Workshop and would like to apply for the Q4G Coach Bursary, please click HERE for a link to the Coaches Ontario website. 

If you have any further questions contact the Coaching Development Department.