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B Licence Part 1

2019 Course Dates

Date Location
June 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 Millennium Sports Park (Ottawa)


What do you learn?

The B Licence Part 1 is designed to educate the candidates in the practical and theoretical developments in modern soccer, so that they may devise, organize, conduct and evaluate coaching sessions in basic and advanced skills, tactics, strategies, and systems of play. Candidates will also better understand and employ the complimentary managerial, medical, and coach-related aspects, appropriate to the role of the coach at the competitive level.

Who is this for?

It is aimed at coaches working with players in an environment where they are still learning, with some importance given to the result, without sacrificing complete player development.

What are the pre-requisites?

Prior to registering for the B Licence Part 1 course, coaches must complete the following:

Full C Licence OR *Successful Pre-B Assessment* (see below for important note on the Pre-B)

Make Ethical Decisions Course

Respect in Sport Online Module

Making Headway in Soccer Online Module

What is the cost?

Course: $1,550.00

*please note that the assessment fee is now included in the course cost*

How long is the course?

The course is 40 hours in duration, spread across a full, 5 day week. Within the 40 hours, there are 10 modules, each split into a classroom and an on-field session. Full participation is expected and full attendance is mandatory. For coaches wishing to be progress to the B Licence Part 2, there is an assessment opportunity available. Please see below for more details.

Application and Registration

Please click for a link to Coach Centre. Coaches are required to apply for the course, providing proof of their completion of the pre-requisites, as well as a letter of recommendation from their respective club's Technical Director. Upon being approved, coaches are then able to register for the course they are interested in.

Post-Course Assessment

How do I get assessed?

Upon fully completing the B Licence Part 1 course and submitting their completed portfolio, coaches are able to complete their practical assessment to attain "B Licence Part 1 Certified" status. There is a mandatory 3 month waiting period, prior to coaches being able to complete their assessment. During this period, coaches will receive feedback on their portfolio. Once the 3 months have passed, coaches can contact Ontario Soccer to submit their formal request.

Evaluations will be completed via the newly introduced video evaluations. There will now be 4, 3 month blocks, scheduled throughout the course of the year. Coaches that have declared their interest, following the 3 month waiting period, will be offered an opportunity to register for a block. Please note that the evaluation fee is now incorporated into the course registration fee.

Once registered for an evaluation block, , coaches are to submit (6) fully completed session plans (3 attacking and 3 defending) and Emergency Action Plan. These items will be reviewed by an assessor and feedback will be provided during a pre-brief. At the time of the pre-brief, the assessor will inform the coach of which session they will be delivering.

Practical Assessment

It is important to note that coaches are expected to come prepared with their own players, whether it be their own team or that of another coach. The following criteria must be met:

  • minimum 14 players
  • LTPD stage 4 (13-16 years of age)

If you are unsuccessful in your assessment, you are eligible for up to 2 re-assessments within the 18 month period following. Each additional assessment is subject to payment at the same fee. Coaches are able to appeal an unsuccessful assessment and/or the assessment process or procedure. Please see the link below for detailed information on the appeal process.

Important Note: Pre-B Assessments and Provincial B Licences

Updates concerning Pre-B And Provincial B Coaching Licences

Ontario Soccer in conjunction with Canada Soccer, is improving the content of its course material at the A and B Licence levels. This is critical in ensuring that the most current and relevant information is provided to soccer coaches across Canada. It is therefore imperative that Ontario coaches keep informed and up-to-date on the changes made within the Canada Soccer's License system. To ensure that we maintain standards and align with National direction, both the Provincial B Licence and the Pre B Assessment course have now expired and cannot be renewed.

Therefore, as of November 2018:

  1. Coaches who obtained their Provincial B Licence cannot renew this License. Canada Soccer will be confirming details shortly of how old Provinical B License holders can join the new Canada Soccer Licensing pathway.
  2. Coaches who previously obtained a Pre-B Assessment pass must now take the C-Licence course (unless they have obtained higher Ontario Soccer recognized certification since that date). 

If you have any further questions contact the Ontario Soccer Coordinator of Coach Development.