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Player Development Webinars

Retreat Line 

The retreat line has been introduced in the grassroots game over the past year to help develop a young player's ability to play out from the goalkeeper and keep possession as they build an attack. This teaching tool has also been used to help build confidence in players as they retain possession of the ball.

During the webinar the rationale behind the retreat line, the procedure and also training activities will be covered. This is designed to help coaches, players, parents, game leaders and match officials understand more about the retreat line.


Inclusive Programming 

The webinar on Inclusive Grassroots programs informs attendees on the application of the open roster and game day rosters and how clubs and coaches can use this tool to the young grassroots players advantage.

It will also explains the OSA's direction on recreational and development soccer programs and the benefits that this will have in player development.


Create the Confident, Comfortable Young Player 

Designed for Club and District Technical Directors and coaches this exciting technical presentation will focus on the improvements that have been made in the game in both the competition model and in the practice environment that will allow our young, developing players to be more confident and comfortable in possession of the soccer ball. The programs that have been created and implemented in Ontario's player development program will be highlighted.


Creating a Culture of Engagement Instead of Specialization 

This webinar has been created by John O'Sullivan, fournder of the Changing the Game Project and a recent speaker at the OSA Soccer Development Conference. In this session, O'Sullivan speaks about how we can move towards creating a culture of engagement, instead of forcing specialization. A must for anyone in the business of youth development.



Player Development Model 

This Player Development webinar, which features Carl Horton, the OSA's Regional Manager of Player Development is about the structure and implementation of the Player Development Model. Practical examples are shown to allow clubs and coaches to create practice environments that are player centred and will enhance coach education


4 Corner Holistic Development Model 

This webinar, 4 Corner Holistic Development Model, is intended for Coaches and Technical Directors and will include techniques in a practice environment, how to implement the 4 corners at your club and build on the previous May 27 webinar.

Indoor Matrices - Recreational and Development 

The webinar is designed to explain the reason behind each of the four matrices, outdoor, recreational and development and Indoor recreational and development. The indoor matrices are a relatively new addition and will be mandatory for indoor season 2015/16. The indoor matrices were developed to very closely follow the outdoor matrices putting young players in the best environment for their development. Each element of the matrices are explored and a full explanation on the rationale on implementation explained.

Creating the Best Environment 

This player development webinar explains the pilot program being delivered in DRSA and HDSA in summer 2016 where U-8 development program coaches or managers will rate the opposing programs parents, coaches and players on their behaviour during each game. This monitoring program will recognise those teams who display exceptional game day behaviour from all involved.

The webinar will help Coaches, Managers and parents understand the specifics of the program, the process and the benefits.

The webinar is being delivered by the OSA's Regional Manager of Player Development, Billy Wilson.

Fast Tracking and Player Development

Having children compete and practice in the correct environment is crucial to their development as young people and soccer players. To assist our membership in supporting the players and ensuring they are in the right environment for their development a new resource has been created. The resource titled, Fast Tracking and Player Development, will help explain to Clubs, Coaches and parents when it’s best for young players to practice and compete with older children or when its best to continue to compete with children their own age. This new member’s resource is complete with the development stage specific evaluation forms that are required to be completed by club Technical Directors and signed by parents, the player and their District Association.

4 up - 1 up 

This webinar is explaining the pilot program for 2016 in EODSA, DRSA and HDSA. When a team is leading by 4 goals the opposing team have the option of adding a player to make the game more competitive and a better learning environment for all involved. This webinar will explain the program and process. Designed for Technical Directors, Coaches and Parents.

I'm a Grassroots Parent 

The webinar will help parents understand their role in grassroots soccer, and give tips and advice in making their child's soccer experience a fun and beneficial one.

Let us Play 

Let Us Play is a pilot program for all Districts in 2016. When a team does not have a sufficient number of players to start a game, players can be borrowed from the opposition so that a game may take place. This webinar will explain the program and process. It is designed for Technical Directors, Coaches and Parents.