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Match Officials

Whether you are just getting into refereeing or have already been blowing the whistle for several years, Ontario Soccer has a variety of initiatives that will assist you in your career as a match official. From education sessions to fitness programs, the pages on this site will provide you with all the information you will need.

In addition to refereeing, Ontario Soccer also provides support for assessors, instructors, mentors and coaches. Visit regularly to stay up to date with the latest news from the world of refereeing.   


Match Official Development Committee

The Match Official Development Committee advises the Match Official Department on all matters relating to refereeing in Ontario. The RD consists of 5-7 members, including a District Referee Coordinator (DRC), Club Head Referee (CHR) and members at large. The chair is Patty Peebles.

Match Official Programs

Ontario Soccer offers several levels of support and training for match officials. There are course guidelines and a variety of resources available.

Grading Protocol

Upgrading Programs

Advanced Referee Training Program

The Advanced Referee Training Program (ART) is a 10-month education program running from February until November each year and aims to enhance the quality of refereeing at the provincial level.

Match Official Instructor Program

The Ontario Soccer Instructor Program trains match officials to instruct a number of courses on the District, Regional and Provincial level.

Women In Soccer Empowering Referees (WISER)

The goal of the WISER initiative is to establish a program that will support and retain female soccer match officials and impart them with the tools to excel and advance.

WISER Committee Chair | Contact

Before being appointed, an official should disclose any personal conflicts of interest that could be linked to his/her prospective function.