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OSA Governing Documents

The OSA's Governing Documents pertain to the "administration of the game" in Ontario. 

The Ontario Soccer Association (OSA) and all organizations affiliated with the OSA including, but not limited to, District Associations, Leagues, Clubs, Associate Members, OSA-Recognized Non-Club Academies (ORNCA) and all OSA Registrants are governed by, and subject to, where applicable, the following OSA Governing Documents:

  • OSA Bylaws:  The OSA By-Laws provide the structure and framework for the governance of the OSA.  The By-Laws are approved by the Member Organizations of the OSA.
  • OSA Policies(UPDATED SEPT.17.2016) An OSA Policy is a position adopted by the Board of Directors that directs a definitive course of action for the organization to enhance consistent decision making throughout the organization. OSA Policies shall be developed and approved by the Board of Directors.
  • OSA Operational Procedures:(Updated JAN.16.2017) The OSA Operational Procedures are the specific methods or processes used to implement the policies of the organization in the day-to-day operations of the organization.  OSA Operational Procedures shall be developed by Staff and is approved by the Executive Director.  When required, the development and approval of some Operational Procedures may be delegated to other groups (other than staff) MAJOR CHANGES/UPDATES
  • Governing Documents of FIFA and CSA: The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is the International Sport Governing Body and the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) is the National Sport Governing Body in Canada.
    • Applicable Government Legislation:  Federal, Provincial and Municipal Legislation for which adherence is mandatory.


The OSA Operational Procedures have been separated in the table below by Section with a the titles of each Procedure as a quick reference to the content in each section for easier navigation. 

Step 1: If you can't find what you are looking for below in the table below, click on the Policy and/or Operational Procedures links above to pull up the full document.
Step 2: If you're not sure in which Section to begin your search, use the find function (Ctrl "f").
Step 3: If you still cannot find what you are looking for please contact your local District Association for guidance.


Policies Operational Procedures Sections Content within Operational Procedures Applicable Forms/Documents
1.0 Policies & Operational Procedures Alignment 1. Governing Documents

1.0 Definitions
2.0 Complying with OSA's Governing Documents
3.0 Development of and revision to OSA Policies
4.0 Development of and revision to Operational Procedures
5.0 Request for Special Dispensation

2. Administration 1.0 Affiliation
2.0 OSA Membership
3.0 General Membership Requirements
4.0 Membership Application and Renewal
5.0 Membership Status
6.0 Association General Meetings
7.0 Elections and Nominations
3. Organizations 1.0 District Associations Terms of Reference
2.0 Requirements for Membership with the OSA
3.0 Membership in District Association
4.0 Associate Membership in a District Association
5.0 Leagues
6.0 Clubs
7.0 OSA Recognized Academies (ORA)
2.0 Finance, Planning & Committees 4. Finance, Committees and Awards 1.0 Finance
2.0 OSA Committees
3.0 OSA Awards
4.0 Registration 5. Registration 1.0 Registrations of Organizations & Individuals
2.0 Player Registration
3.0 League Registration
4.0 Club Registration
5.0 Team Registration
6.0 OSA Identification
7.0 OSA Computerized Registration System
8.0 Trial Registration Permits
9.0 Short Term Registration Permit
10.0 De-Registration
11.0 Amateur & Professional Player Status
12.0 Reinstatement from Prof. to Amateur
13.0 Player Transfers
5.0 Competition   6. Game Types 1.0 Recognized Game Types
2.0 11 v. 11 Soccer
3.0 Small-Sided Soccer
4.0 Futsal
5.0 Grassroots Soccer
6.0 Beach Soccer
7.0 Accessible Soccer

Grassroots Matrices

7. High Performance 1.0 High Performance Programs
2.0 Provincial Projects & Canada Games
3.0 Ontario Player Development League (OPDL)
8. Competitions 1.0 Sanctioning of Competitions
2.0 Tournament Definitions
3.0 Tournament Classifications
4.0 Approval of Tournaments
5.0 Tournament Requirements of Host
6.0 Tournament Requirements of Host Districts
7.0 Tournament Requirements for Team Participation
8.0 U13 + Team Travel
9.0 Festival Definitions
10.0 Festival Classifications
11.0 Approval of Festivals
12.0 Festival Rules
13.0 Festival Requirements of Hosts
14.0 Festival Requirements of District Associations
15.0 Festival Requirements for Squad Participation
16.0 U9-12 Squad Travel
17.0 Exhibition Games
18.0 Approval of Exhibition Games
19.0 Cup Competitions
20.0 Ontario Cup
21.0 Playing For a Team (not registered to)
22.0 Temporary Eligibility Permits
9. Leagues

1.0 Pyramid for Play
2.0 League Categories
3.0 League Functions and Operations
4.0 Senior Leagues
5.0 Local Leagues
6.0 Jurisdiction
7.0 Regional Leagues and Boundaries
8.0 Formation of Leagues
9.0 Application to Expand/Restructure a Leagues Governed by the OSA
10.0 Terms of League Operations for Leagues Governed by the OSA
11.0 Soccer for Life Leagues' Divisions and Number of Teams
12.0 Professional Amateur (Pro-Am) Soccer
13.0 Interlocking League Divisions
14.0 Approval of Teams to Play in an Amateur League Governed by the OSA
15.0 Playing Out Permission (Club Application to Enter Team in League Outside its Normal Jurisdiction)
16.0 Playing In Permission(Out of Province Teams Playing in Ontario League)
17.0 Affiliation Agreements


Affiliation Agreements

10. Match Officials 1.0 General Regulations
2.0 Registration
3.0 Match Official's Classification & Standards
4.0 Fitness Tests
5.0 Appointments
6.0 Match Officials Fees
7.0 Reports
8.0 Assignors
9.0 Assessors and Instructors Program
11. Coaches 1.0 Learning Facilitators for Coaching Clinics
2.0 Clinic Fees
3.0 Coach Certification Requirements
6.0 Discipline & Complaints 12. Discipline

1.0 Who can be discipline?
2.0 Reporting Misconduct
3.0 Jurisdiction
4.0 Rights and Responsibilities
5.0 Discipline Systems (DBR and DBH)
6.0 Match Official Assault
7.0 Discipline at Tournaments
8.0 Suspensions
9.0 Standard Penalties for Misconduct
10.0 Fees, Fines, Bonds and Admin. Sanctions
11.0 Fees, Fines, Bonds and Penalties
12.0 OSA Discipine Hearing Schedule

7.0 Appeal  13. Appeals 1.0 Purpose
2.0 Scope and Application
3.0 Jurisdiction of Appeals
4.0 Submission and Timing of Appeals
5.0 Screening of Appeals
6.0 Affected Parties
7.0 Appeal Hearing Panel
8.0 Procedures for Documentary Appeal
9.0 Procedures for the Appeal Hearing
10.0 Attendance at Appeal Hearing
11.0 Appeal Decision
12.0 Appeals of Playing Out Decisions
13.0 Appeals Regarding Transfers
14.0 Financial Penalties
14. Protests 1.0 General Protest Procedures  
8.0 Dispute Resolution 15. Dispute Resolution 1.0 General
2.0 Matters Subject to Dispute Resolution
3.0 Initiating the Dispute Process
4.0 Mediation
5.0 Arbitration
6.0 Hearing
7.0 Decision
9.0 Screening 16. Harassment & Screening 1.0 Screening
2.0 Harassment General
3.0 Application
4.0 Confidentiality
5.0 Harassment Complaint Procedure
6.0 Harassment Hearing
7.0 Decision
8.0 Sanctions
9.0 Timelines
10.0 Appeals
10.0 Gender Equity 17. Gender Equity  1.0 Gender Equity General Procedures  
11.0   Accessibility For Ontarians With Disabilities Act 18. AODA  1.0 General
2.0 Understanding Disability and The AODA, 2005
3.0 Communication
4.0 Assistive Devices
5.0 Service Animals and Support Persons
6.0 Notice of Temporary Disruption
7.0 Training for Staff
8.0 Feedback Process
9.0 Notice of Availability of Documents
10.0 Questions and Concerns about this policy

12.0 Conflict of Interest

13.0 Code of Conduct

14.0 Privacy

15.0 Confidentiality

16.0 Social Media

17.0 Teleconference

18.0 Diversity & Inclusiveness

19.0 Whistleblower