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Coaching Development Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register for an NCCP Community coaching course with the OSA?

To register for a coaching course, please click here

I don't remember my NCCP number. How can I get it?

You can retrieve your NCCP number on the coach.ca website

I forgot my sign-in for E2E Coach Centre.

You can use the "forget password" link on E2E's website www.coachcentre.ca

How come I cannot see my certificate for the course I took?

If you have not completed the evaluation of your Learning Facilitator you will not be able to access your certificate. Once you complete the evaluation, your certificate will be ready for you to view and print
OR You have completed the Making Ethical Decisions Course fewer than 15 days ago. If you need proof that you have completed the course prior to 15 days, contact

How long does it take for my certification to be added to the Locker?

We send NCCP the clinic lists monthly. Therefore, if you took a course April 15th, we would only send the April clinics to NCCP on April 30th. NCCP controls the speed at which your profile is updated.

What happens if I show up on a course and I am not registered?

All participants are required to register themselves before the clinic takes place on Coach Centre E2E. Just because they requested to take the course, does not mean they are registered for the course. The coach’s status should say “approved”. You have the option of registering yourself immediately at the clinic via E2E, and then have the host approve you. If you do not register, the LF will not allow you to attend the course.

What happens if I miss half the course?

Participants are required to attend the course entirely. There are no exceptions to this rule.

When and where is my course certificate?

Participant’s certificates are accessible once the participant completes the evaluation on the LF that conducted their course. The evaluations are on the coach’s profile on Coach Centre E2E.

Where can I find CSA Coaching material specific to the course I have registered for?

You can find the course specific material on your coach centre profile under “My Documents” then “Documents”.

How do I apply for Canadian Equivalency?

Under the Coaching tab the information is posted on how to apply.

How do I complete the MED and Making Head Way programs?

For the MED, all courses are listed on www.coachesontario.ca

With the new C License course offered is my Pre B still valid?

Pre B’s are still valid until they expire, which is 5 years after the coach has received successfully passed their Pre B testing. After the five years has passed the Pre B will then be invalid and the coach will have to complete a C License course, unless the coach has completed their Provincial B License.

C License ‘In Training’ vs ‘Trained’

Once a coach has participated on the C License course their locker profile will show C License ‘In Training’. This will stay valid for five years and can only be changed to ‘Trained’ if the coach has met the standard of the course Theory Exam, Laws of the Game Exam, and On Field Assessment. All candidates must wait a minimum of six (6) months after the course to complete their assessment.

Is my Pre B equivalent to a C License?

The Pre B is not equivalent to the C License. Both the C License and Pre B hold the same standing in the Coaching Pathway. This simply means that both courses are valid pre-requisites for the Provincial B License, unless a coach holds an expired Pre B standing. To reiterate, Pre B coaches will not receive a C License simply based on their standing.


I would like to host a clinic for my club. How do I do this?

To host a coaching clinic for your club, please click here and follow the directions.

How much do courses cost to host and how do I know what is expected of me as a host?

Please ensure you read the Clinic Information Brochure which will go into detail as to what is expected from hosts, how much clinics cost and facility requirements.

I do not have 15 participants in my coaching clinic. Can I still run the clinic?

No. Unfortunately, all clinics need a minimum of 15 participants. This rule needs to be enforced because the sessions require this many participants. This is also to ensure the sessions are run correctly and that the participants/coaches receive the best training for their registration fee.

Now that everything is paperless, what do I need to supply?

We ask that hosts please tell their participants to print out their workbook and bring it with them, OR print out copies for their participants in the clinic.