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League1 Game Day Manual

If you are on the League1 Ontario Panel of Match Officials, please review.

Ontario University Athletics (OUA) Referee Guidelines 2014

If you are assigned to OUA in 2014, you must be aware of the Guidelines above, and read them thoroughly and completely.

Ontario Cup Referee Guidelines 2014

If you are assigned to Ontario Cup in 2014, you must be aware of the Guidelines above, and read them thoroughly and completely.

Exhibition Game Policy

The OSA requires a record for each sanctioned game played under the OSA's umbrella.  The responsibility for providing the record of the game rests with the referee and the record includes a team sheet for each team on which she/he records the goal scorers and any misconduct (ie., cautions and dismissals incurred by players).  The referee is also required to submit a Special Incident Report for the following items: 

     1) game abandonment due to weather conditions 
     2) game abandonment due to spectators 
     3) game abandonment due to either or both of the teams 
     4) serious injuries (especially any injury requiring an ambulance or paramedics) 
     5) misconduct by the team officials (including expelling a team official from the game) 
     6) misconduct by the spectators 
     7) any other serious incidents 

Under the OSA rules, the District Association which approved the exhibition game is responsible for: 
  1)  the referee appointments and 
  2)  any discipline required for misconduct by players, team officials, 
spectators or organizations participating in the game. 

In order to properly administer discipline, the District Association requires a Game Report for each exhibition game including the team sheets, caution reports, dismissal reports and special incident reports.  Players and team officials involved in the game must be identified and that is done through the team sheets. 

Each team already has a supply of team sheets which it used in its own competition.  For example, the Club teams will have team sheets from their leagues and the ORNCA teams will have team sheets from the SAAC League.  These are the team sheets which must be used at each game, including full completion of the team sheets (for all players and team officials) and submitting that team sheet to the referee prior to the commencement of the game. 

If a team does not have a team sheet from its league, it should request additional team sheets from its League or from the District Association which has approved the game.

2014 OSA Expenses and Services Fees

2014 Expense Policy for Referee Programs

This document outlines the OSA coverage for expenses in 2014 for all Referee Programs.

Reminder - As of Aug. 28, 2013 the OSA will be reimbursing travel for any Referee Development Department assignments through mileage claims only. It is no longer mandated that you rent a vehicle for extensive travel, and if you choose to do so, those costs will not be covered by the OSA, outside of the mileage reimbursement. 

2014 Referee Development Program and Service Fees

This document breaks down the costs for OSA Referee Development Programs

2014 Expense Claim Form

This form is to be used for expenses and fees not claimed through RefCentre

Referee Policies

There are a number of OSA Policies effecting referees and it is the referee’s responsibility to understand and be familiar with these policies.

Referee Appointments Policy (pdf)
Referee Uniform Policy (pdf)
Referee Insurance FAQ
Referee Insurance Coverage Chart
Referee Code of Conduct

Forms & Laws

Laws of the Game


CSA Policies

FIFA Guidelines

Pocket SCAT2 chart - Chart that shows how to assess if a concussion has occurred. 

Game Report Forms

Changes to Caution Summary Report Form 2013- It is important that all referees complete the required game reports after each game, including Caution Summary Forms, Dismissal Forms and Special Incident Reports. Each league has required time restrictions for referees to submit game sheets into the league after a game. It is important that all referees complete the re required game reports after each game, including

Especially with the Special Incident Report Forms, if in doubt that one is required ask someone if one is, instead of ignoring the situation and not completing a report.

Travel, Transfer & Reinstatement Forms

All referees if traveling outside of the country to referee must have approval through the completion of the CSA Referee Travel Request Form.  In order to provide lead time to get this form approved, a referee should be submitting this form to the OSA at least 2 weeks prior to traveling.

Any referee from another Provincial Association arriving in Ontario who wishes to apply for standing as a referee in Ontario may do so by completing the Referee Provincial Transfer Form. This form must be signed by the Provincial Association in which the referee is transferring from to verify his/her information is correct.

Referee's applying for reinstatement or transferring from another country into Ontario must complete the Referee Reinstatement Request Form. This form may also be used by referees who have allowed their registration to lapse but have circumstances which they believe merit being permitted to re-register without having to re-take a referee course (each case is dealt with individually).

The Referee Reinstatement Request Form may also be used by any referee from another soccer jurisdiction (other than another Provincial Association) arriving in Ontario who wishes to apply for standing as a Referee may do so by completing the form.  NOTE: Referees must attach a copy of their credentials (including English translation if needed) and must have been recently registered in another soccer jurisdiction to be considered for transfer.

Other Referee Forms can be access in the Quick Links section (below).

Assessment Request Form

Position Descriptions

DRC - will be added shortly

Club Head Referee

Under the direction of the Soccer Club Board of Directors, the Club Head Referee will be responsible for the management of all matters directly relating to referees including but not restricted to education, development, and assigning within the Club.

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