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Club Development
The OSA Club Excellence Award is a Province wide recognition program for Clubs that are run efficiently and offer a safe, healthy and enjoyable environment for anyone involved in soccer.  This Club Award Recognition is part of the OSA's Club Development program.

District Association and League Development
The OSA's District Association and League Development program was launched in April 2008 as a direct result of the OSA's Strategic Plan. Many of the strategic initiatives identified by the membership pertained to organizational development.
Discipline & Appeals
The OSA maintains documents to facilitate and support the various elements of Discipline, Appeals and Dispute Resolution.  A number of these documents are available in this section.
Risk Management
The OSA Board of Directors approved implementation of the policy for competitive coaches prior to the start of the 2003 season and for recreational coaches prior to the start of the 2004 season.
HKMB HUB is pleased to provide the Ontario Soccer Association and its members with information about the insurance program we have designed for you.
Administration and Information Management System (AIMS)
The OSA's Administration & Information Management System (AIMS) is a master data management application which is designed to integrate and automate all of The OSA's administrative functions.
The Ontario Soccer Association Medical Committee with Sports Centres Injury Rehabilitation Inc. provides a series of presentations as part of the provincial training program. 
The Ontario Soccer Association Privacy Officer oversees the OSA Privacy Policy and deals with all privacy issues at the Club, League and District Association levels.



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